Diamond Highlights from 2015

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January 12, 2016
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January 29, 2016

Diamond Highlights from 2015

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Diamonds for 2016 are set to be a combination of traditional elegance and the resurgence in popularity of shapes with a long history but which have not been seen in designer collections for a number of years.

Let’s look back now then at the fashions of 2015 in the diamond world and as the new year begins, decide which pieces we now own which are set to become timeless classics.

Diamond cuts of the year

BrillantenWhilst the brilliant round cut diamond continued to top the charts of the choice of many; 74% of all diamond jewelry now includes this round cut stone, other cuts became popularized as the year went on. Many were celebrity-led trends as they showed off engagement rings to the waiting media and diamond shapes to seen wearing included the Cushion cut for vintage and Art Deco designs, Marquise cut for those wanting a more unusual shape which has now paved the way for designers this year introducing more Pear cut diamond designs and the real star of 2015 which was the Asscher cut. This shape of diamond which was first seen in 1902 rocked trend followers as an unexpected success with celebrities clamoring to wear rings with this small square-shaped diamond with large step facets and high crown. The result of this unexpected fashion choice has seen Asscher cuts now giving way to the similar and larger previously little-used Emerald cut diamonds being launched in jewelry for the winter and spring of 2016.

A splash of color

National_Museum_of_Natural_History_Gold_Colored_DiamondsThe 12 months of 2015 were certainly colourful in the diamond industry with the surge in interest in fancy colored diamonds. World records were broken at auctions with regards to the price for individual stones and the cost per carat and previously unnoticed diamond shades became very much de-rigour. With the now famous Blue Moon Diamond selling for an incredible $48.4 million in November 2015, the diamond industry has really woken up to the desirability of the previously poor relatives to the clear diamond.

As through any year in the diamond industry, rare colored diamonds such as those with hues of red continue to be much coveted. Last year however was all about the less popular shades of browns and yellows with colors such as champagne and mushroom being much lauded as the diamond shades to be wearing. Rainbow spectrum pieces such as tennis bracelets which were being seen on catwalks at the end of the year are set to be items worn well into 2016.

Diamonds for men

Whilst male stars of the music industry have popularized the wearing of diamond jewelry over the last few years with bling being one of the most popular jewelry styles of the millennium to date, there has also been a shift towards more subtle use of diamonds in men’s jewelry. The biggest change has been the use of the gemstone in wedding rings. Rows of small, pave set stones or single solitaire flush set diamonds are now seen in stores just as much as the traditional plain gold band. This is a trend which is set to continue into 2016 with diamonds being woven into multi-metal designs or as part of filigree over-lay work.

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