Holiday Jewelry: What to take and How to Take it

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February 23, 2016
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Holiday Jewelry: What to take and How to Take it

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Deciding what kind of jewelry to take when on vacation can lead to a number of difficult decisions for the lover of all things sparkly. Packing a suitcase means being as frugal with the contents as possible, but when faced with needing pieces to wear during the day as well as when out and about in the evening, it can be a challenge to know what to include and what to leave at home.

Here then is a guide to what to wear when relaxing with loved ones whether it’s on the beach by day or in the local bars at night.


sonnenschutz-gesicht_800x800Jewelry during the day should be simple and subtle. If you’re heading for the beach, the last thing you want to be wearing with a bikini is a chunky necklace or bangle so pack slender, lightweight items. Keep choices to a minimum in case of any kind of loss or damage and if you’re planning to be in the sea or take part in any sports such as scuba diving, don’t wear rings with raised settings in case they become loose and are lost in the water.

Coordinate your day look with either a collection of yellow gold or white metal pieces; it will look just as striking to be wearing matching but quietly beautiful styles instead of a number of more visible pieces in different designs.

Keep rings to only those you always wear such as engagement and wedding ring. If you’re heading for a sunny destination then sweat can mean rings can slip off and you’ll also suffer from hot fingers and hands if they are covered in too much jewelry.

Evening wear

Striking elegance is the key to vacation evening jewelry options. Turn heads with elegantly designed timeless classics at the dinner table or fun and quirky single pieces if you’re heading to nightclubs. Diamonds sparkle at their best in the candle light so if you have any solitaire items of jewelry, this is when they will be seen at their best.

What to leave behind

Even if you’re traveling to the most exotic of locations, don’t be tempted to take antique pieces with you. They could become damaged in transit and if you were to suffer any loss whilst wearing any heirloom item such as a pendant or earrings, it would be devastating as they would be impossible to replace due to being unique.

How to pack your jewelry


The most important thing to remember is to pack your jewelry securely in your case so nothing can be mislaid in transit. Don’t drop them all into one small bag or box as stones knocking against each other on the journey could result in damaged settings and loose gems.

Invest in either individual pouches for each item or look for a soft jewelry roll-up case you can slide each piece into and then just roll and secure. Place everything in the center of the case around half way down rather than around the sides so any bags which knock into yours on the conveyor belts won’t hit your beautiful accessories.





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