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Top diamond cuts for 2016

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As the end of the year approaches and fashion experts look to predict the trends for 2016, one area of attention is always focused on jewelry and in particular the cuts of diamond which will grace future heirloom pieces.

The cut of a diamond will determine the overall beauty of the gem and whilst the other three ‘C’s (clarity, color and carat) are just as important, the cut gives the diamond the desired look and also the brilliance of the finished piece.

The job of the expert cutter is to minimize the amount of diamond lost when cutting it from rough, but also to include as many facets as possible so it does not look dull and lifeless.

As time goes by, different cuts are more desirable. Some will always be seen as classic choices but there are others which are more popular at some times than others.

Here then are the diamond cuts which are set to be the most popular to be set into rings and necklaces or to grace private collections in 2016.

Round Cutround-cut-diamond

The most popular cut of diamonds and set to continue to top the jewelry design charts for next year, round cut diamonds are simply the best when it comes to brilliance and the amount of light which shines through the 58 facets. A design which has changed little since the physics of this cut were perfected in 1919, it’s perfect for both classic and contemporary pieces.






Princess CutPrincess Cut Diamond

First seen in the 1960s and then enjoying a revival in the 1980s, this square or slightly rectangular shape is set to light up the diamond design world next year as it’s a cut which really shows fire in a stone and has a real presence when set into an engagement ring. A choice for someone who wants something a little bit different but will still own a sophisticated piece of jewelry when fashions change over the coming years.






Radiant Cutradiant-cut-diamond

Another popular cut from the 1980s, radiant cut diamonds are set to be seen more and more as the revival of this period of fashion continues. It’s a cut with 70 facets which means it’s an excellent choice for colored diamonds; another aspect of jewelry fashion which will continue in popularity in 2016. Square in shape with cropped corners, a radiant cut diamond is a real statement piece for those who want to stay on trend.






Emerald Cutemerald-cut-diamond

A cut originally conceived for use with emeralds, it’s now used for diamonds with interesting effect as well as increasing popularity.

Another rectangular entry to the fashionable jewelry market, this continues the design elements for next year of long, stepped cuts and whilst the emerald cut doesn’t have the brilliance of the round or princess cut, making this more unusual choice will result in a stone with flashes of light which will certainly turn heads.





Pear CutPear Cut Diamond

The choice of many celebrities in 2015, the pear cut diamond is enjoying a huge revival in popularity. A combination of two cuts; round and marquise, the resulting shape is one of a teardrop which makes the fingers appear long and slim. Always worn with the pointed end towards the hand, it’s popular with those who choose colored diamonds and in particular gems with a yellow hue.






Hearts and ArrowsHearts and Arrows Diamond

Classic cuts such as round or princess have a long and celebrated history in the gemstone world. Jewelry wearers wanting the next big thing in diamond design are looking to the most contemporary  cut available – hearts and arrows.

A hearts and arrows diamond is a technologically stunning creation first produced by Japanese experts in the 1980s. They discovered a way to style and polish a round cut diamond to give an absolutely perfect kaleidoscope effect; it revolutionized the industry.

Hearts and arrows is so named because when viewed from above, eight symmetrically perfect arrows can be seen. When viewed from below, the arrows disappear and eight symmetrical hearts appear in their place.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
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