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Sitting comfortably in the ‘colourless’ bracket of the diamond color grades, F color diamonds are indistinguishable from the top D color grade. With no detectable color in the body of an F color diamond, they offer buyers a wonderful opportunity to own a colorless diamond for a fraction of the price of the top grade.

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However, deciding whether an F colored diamond is the right choice for your engagement rings and diamond jewelry will come down to a few key factors; budget, sensitivity to color and personal taste. This simple guide will give you a rounded view of F color diamonds so that you can make informed decisions when you shop.

What is an F Colored Diamond?

A diamond forms deep within the earth as a result of immense pressure and heat; the process takes millions of years and during this time, other materials and gases can become trapped within the diamond with a variety of results.

It is the presence of nitrogen that causes the yellow tint that can be seen in lower color graded diamonds (and indeed, in fancy yellow diamonds). The GIA grades diamonds from D (colorless) down to Z. Fancy yellow diamonds are graded differently and present such a level of color saturation it is viewed as a benefit rather than a negative attribute.

F color diamonds are the third and final grade in the ‘colorless’ category.

Image Courtesy from The GIA


F Color Diamond Engagement Rings

I am often asked about the specifics of diamond color grades, in particular which grades make for the most beautiful engagement rings. In truth, the buyer must decide the factors which are most important to them and align these with their budget.

F color diamonds give a bright, white sparkle – very few people can differentiate between an F and a D color diamond. For this reason, an F color is a wonderful foundation for a stunning engagement ring, providing the cut quality is prioritized and there are no unsightly inclusions. For those buyers whose preference sways them towards the top grades, an F color diamond will be the best choice if budget does not extend to D or E color diamonds.

F color diamonds will look stunning against both white and gold metals and are a wonderful grade for brilliant cuts and step cuts alike.

Can You Tell the Difference Between F and G Color Diamonds?

The short answer? No. The majority of people will struggle to differentiate an F color diamond from a G color diamond. Although F color diamonds are in the colorless category and G color diamonds, the ‘near colorless’ category, distinguishing between diamonds a single color grade apart is a challenge. There are those rare few who, even as diamond novices, can detect the most subtle differences in color. Observing and comparing high-res images of diamonds or by eye comparison is the best way to tell if you are sensitive to color.

F Color Diamond Prices

The diamond market fluctuates greatly and rapidly. The most accurate way to compare diamond prices would be to check out the inventories of leading vendors such as Blue Nile and Whiteflash – these websites can give a real-time sense of diamond prices and their filter and search tools allow for a straightforward comparison.

Ultimately, you will always pay a premium for diamonds that hit the top color grades and that includes F color diamonds. Only you can decide if it’s worth it.

Tips for Choosing an F Color Diamond

These simple tips for buying success will make it easier than ever to select your diamonds:

  • Certification: Avoid inflated and inaccurate grades by only buying diamonds with AGS or GIA reports.
  • Diamond Imaging: View your diamond accurately with diamond imaging before buying.
  • It’s Personal: Do not feel pressured into opting for the top grades. If you can’t tell an F color diamond from a J then don’t overspend on a quality that you cannot appreciate.

Where to Buy F Color Diamonds

Even the whitest diamonds with the highest grades have little impact if they aren’t working together with the other diamond qualities. An exceptional cut is the key to unlocking the full potential of a diamond. When assessing your budget, going for the top cut quality is the best way to guarantee a diamond with sensational sparkle.

My top recommendation would be Whiteflash and in particular their A CUT ABOVE® super-ideal cut diamonds. Exceptional light performance (and all the reports to back it up) set Whiteflash head and shoulders above the competition. I also highly recommend Blue Nile who hold a huge inventory of GIA certified F color diamonds and offer clear diamond imaging on all their diamonds.

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