Diamond Jewelry Retailer Reviews

Blue Nile

Abe more bring something a little different to their customers, this review will take a closer look at Abe Mor and their services.


Whiteflash has the best selection of high quality designer rings. They specialise in round Hearts and Arrows plus Princess cut diamond rings and provide excellent customer service.

James Allen

James Allen has become one of the most popular choices for many people looking for a unique diamond engagement, especially for fancy shape diamonds.

Hearts on Fire

Claiming to sell the world’s most beautifully cut diamonds is a very bold statement. That is the main selling point of Hearts on Fire who are one of the famous brands in the industry.


America’s favorite wholesale store used to have a good reputation for their jewelry. However the standard seems to have fallen if other reviews are anything to go by.


Zales is one of the longest established jewelry retailers in America. A truly global country, their e-commerce side actually accounts for a very small percentage of their annual revenue.

Tiffany & co.

If ever a name summed up everything that is magical about diamonds it is Tiffany. It’s right up there with Faberge and Cartier as one of those brands known across the globe and instantly identifiable with the products it sells.

Rogers and Hollands Review

With a strong and prolific history, Rogers and Hollands now has a presence in 10 different states with 81 different stores, and truly is a chain store operating on an omni-channel basis. They are still family-operated with several generations involved in the business.

Jared Jewelers

Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, or Jared Jewelers for short, is one of the most popular jewelry chains in the US, with 253 stores across 39 states. They operate under their parent brand, Signet Jewelers

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers are one of the largest jewelry chains in the US, with over 900 stores and a retail presence in countless shopping malls across the country. They are also one of the famous brands industry.

Robbins Brothers

Robbins Bros. Jewelry is a California-based jewelry store specializing in engagement rings. With a long history on the west coast of the US, they have successfully expanded in Texas.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth designs and sells engagement rings and other jewelry which is certified as being ethically produced. But how does the quality of their jewelry compare and is their proposition unique?

Leibish and Co

Leibish & Co. is an internationally renowned specialist and online dealer of natural, colored diamonds and colored diamond jewelry. The brand is one of the largest online sellers of colored diamonds, offering a variety of both fancy and ideal cuts for any budget.

Shane Co Review

Founded in 1971, Shane Co is a well-established family run jeweler with over 20 stores in 13 states. Pitching themselves as “committed to quality, value, and customer service, as well as offering customers a unique educational opportunity”.

Since 1920 Review

Since 1910 is a New York based, 5th generation family owned couture jewelry business that’s been in the business since 1910 (hence the name!).

FireShot-Screen-Capture-122-Buy-Diamonds-Online-the-Better-Way-I-Brilliance_com-www_brilliance_com Review

Founded over 25 years ago, is one of the largest online engagement ring retailers and a leading retailer of diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry.

Cartier Review

At first glance, Cartier’s website oozes elegance and style. With bold phrases such as “unlock your wish” and a panther as their mascot, Cartier is a strong brand. But how does this brand relate to the quality of their diamonds? Read on below for our review of Cartier.

Union Diamond Review

Atlanta-based Union Diamond is one of the leading online diamond retailers. Having started out as a wholesale outlet for loose diamonds, supplying to dealers and retail stores across the USA and beyond, their business soon branched out into retail sales and they began selling directly to customers.

Helzberg Review

Helzberg Diamonds is one of your easier-to-find diamond jewelers, with 210 stores across 36 states. It operates on a family ethos, and has a brand personality focused on love, with the tagline ‘Here’s to Love’.

Appleby Review

Appleby’s was established by Margaret Appleby in the 1950s in Dublin. It was a true birth of a craft here, starting in her family home and through word of mouth. The first store opened in 1960s.

Ben Bridge Review

Ben Bridge is likely a familiar name to you, especially if you’re on the west coast. They have over 80 stores across the country, and also in Canada. They are a ‘mall’ jeweler. Branches of Ben Bridge are as far apart as Alaska and Hawaii.

Harry Winston Review

Harry Winston is a global jeweler with retail outlets in forty different locations around the world including the original in New York, as well as London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

The Jewelry Exchange Review

The Jewelry Exchange is a company with interesting, perhaps even inspiring beginnings. Learn more about them here.

Forevermark Review

If you haven’t heard of Forevermark, there is still a strong likelihood that you have heard of De Beers. Giants in the world of diamond mining, learn more about them here.

Jann Paul Coming soon
JannPaul Review

JannPaul is a Singaporean jewelers who opened their doors in 2009. They have very recently started working creating an online presence.

Spence Diamonds Review

With over four decades of experience under their belt there is one real question hanging over Spence Diamonds; do the diamonds live up to the branding?

Reeds Jewelers Review

I have completed a full review of Reeds Jewelers to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring.

Enchanted Diamonds Review

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Enchanted Diamonds; brand identity issues, a confused aesthetic and inconsistency are some of the flaws that inhibit this company.

Na Hoku Review

Na Hoku is a retail jewelry chain based in Hawaii. The Hawaiian theme is threaded through both the branding and the designs themselves, with some instances proving more successful than others.

Americus Diamonds Review

Americus Diamonds – Discover if they are worth it. Americus is an example of bricks and mortar shopping at its best. Bigger is better.

Buying Diamonds at Hatton Gardens Review

If you are in the UK or are considering a trip to London to purchase some diamonds, it is likely that there are two words on your mind: Hatton Garden. Read the review here.

Diamonds Direct Review

There is a lot to like about diamonds direct. From their engaging beginnings operating out of Israel and the United States, to their sleek Instagram profile and charity commitments.

greenlake jewelry
Green Lake Review

This review will take an in-depth look at the Green Lake process, as well as the quality of their jewelry, diamonds and gemstones.

Angara Diamonds Review

If you are in the market for a striking gemstone cocktail ring, Angara might just be the company for you.

Leo Diamonds Review

This Leo Diamond Review will explain exactly what a Leo diamond is, and how they measure up against their competitors. Find out how their diamonds compare.

Hannoush Jewelers

This Hannoush Diamond Review will explain exactly how they measure up against their competitors.

Abe More Logo
Abe Mor Review

If you are in the market for a striking gemstone cocktail ring, Angara might just be the company for you.