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If you are looking for that special ring for that special somebody, then searching online can seem extremely daunting. You want the best quality that money can buy but the assurance you are getting great value.


Whiteflash is a company that delivers on all levels, as there are many things that make Whiteflash one of the best diamond retailers in the world today:

  • The Largest inventory of AGS Ideal Diamonds in the world
  • Elite Quality Diamonds and Engagement Rings
  • Exclusive Provider of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds (which I’ve reviewed in more detail here.)
  • ISO 9000 Quality Assurance
  • One Year Buy Back
  • Lifetime 100% Trade Up Guarantee
  • Expert Consultation with GIA trained staff
  • Customer Referral and Loyalty Program
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free International Shipping
  • Robust E-commerce Website with Secure Online Purchasing
  • Unbroken String of BBB Awards since 2004
  • Thousands of 5-star online reviews including 5 Star Ratings on Yelp, and Google.
  • The only jeweler to have been awarded certification by the ABS for their ISO Quality Management System.

So what else do you need to know about Whiteflash’s offerings?

The Company

Whiteflash is a member of the American Gem Society and dedicated to consumer education and protection.  Having started in 2000 they have built an outstanding international reputation through customer referrals rather than large marketing budgets like some other brands.

They pride themselves on providing the most complete and accurate information on the diamond 4 C’s; Color, Clarity, Carat and the all-important aspect of Cut.  Every in-stock diamond has a full set of light performance images as well as a full laboratory report posted to the website.  And Whiteflash carries one of the largest in-stock inventories of certified ideal cut diamonds of any retailer, in both round  hearts and arrows and AGS ideal princess cuts.

Their in-house team consists of GIA trained jewelry and diamond experts including Graduate Gemologists, Diamond Graduates, and AGS Certified Gemologists.   In addition to their online offerings the Whiteflash education program produces many excellent articles pertaining to diamonds and jewelry. They also co-authored a major series of articles covering diamond grading at the AGSL; American Gem Society Laboratories.

The sister organizations of GIA and AGS are fully embraced at Whiteflash as both are regarded as the world’s premier laboratories. Whiteflash are specialists in diamond engagement rings and offer a full range of high caliber styles from the top designer brands in the bridal market.

The History

Whiteflash first began creating beautiful engagement rings and other jewelry back in 2000 and have built their reputation on word of mouth rather than large marketing budgets like some other brands.

Years of dedication to their customers and their craft resulted in the the company receiving multiple honors from the  Better Business Bureau, and have won consecutive awards since 2004.

Whiteflash BBB 100 Years of Awards

The company still prides itself on selling what it describes as the best quality of diamond without throwing money at marketing, and have built themselves an enviable reputation. Based in Texas with an impressive store in Sugar Land, Whiteflash can officially call themselves the best jewelers in Houston.


The A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond  is exclusive to Whiteflash and pays testament to the company being an authority of international recognition on ‘hearts and arrows’ diamonds.

To achieve the stature of a Hearts and Arrows diamond a round stone must display a pristine three dimensional alignment of facets and a perfect hearts and arrows pattern.

The stone must then earn the AGS Ideal certification and to achieve this it must fall within the narrow parameters of the AGS stringent criteria. The final step is passing additional image testing to prove their light performance when captured on camera. (*Please note that since the GIA purcased the AGS, diamonds are now provided with an AGS Ideal report from the GIA).

These images can be seen on the website and clearly demonstrate the superiority of craftsmanship, brilliance and fire of this elite and unique gem. The full gemological data for every one of these diamonds is also posted, giving you all the information you could ever need in order to purchase a truly sublime stone.

In addition to the benefit of owning a diamond of the finest fire and sparkle, A CUT ABOVE® diamonds come with a 100% lifetime trade-up benefit.  You can always trade for another diamond and get all the money you paid for the original credited toward the new diamond.  This is great if you ever want to increase the size of the feature diamond years down the road.

If you’re budget is a little tight then take a look at Blue Nile or Zales as they are more price conscious, however it want to learn more about their A CUT Diamonds click here.

Designer Jewelry & Custom Design

The names Verragio, Tacori, Ritani, Simon G, Danhov, Vatche and Benchmark speak volumes for the quality of jewelry available from this company as these top jewelry designers only allow their jewelry to be sold through the very best outlets.

The minimalist beauty of a Vatche ring next to an exquisite setting from Verragio demonstrates that anyone lucky enough to adorn their hand with a ring from Whiteflash is making a style statement of the highest caliber.

The custom design service is another specialty offered by Whiteflash. They take your ideas and create a piece of pure beauty. If they don’t have the exact diamond you are looking for Whiteflash will source it from one of their partners to ensure you get exactly what you want. This dedication to ensuring that their customers get exactly what they want every time, really sets the company apart from their competitors.

Highest Possible Quality

Whiteflash use only the finest quality of diamond in the creation of their own, custom made jewelry and, as mentioned above, also offer pieces from the world’s top designers. This is an accreditation in its own right as designers of this caliber will only associate with the very best retailers.

The quality of the diamonds offered by Whiteflash is only matched by the quality of the settings. Once the diamond is precision cut the actual design of the setting is created to complement the stone and ensure that it is the star of the show.

The 4 C’s are, of course, the major players in the selection of a piece of diamond jewelry and you will find the best examples of all 4 here. Color, clarity, carat and cut combine to produce the kind of diamonds that have to be seen to be appreciated. If one of the C’s is lacking in any way the stone is trashed, simple as that. Whiteflash only purvey the finest diamonds and this is the foundation on which they have built their enviable reputation.

The Website

Clearly designed by a leader in the field, the Whiteflash website is clean, elegant and refreshingly uncluttered. Everything you want to see is clearly displayed and there are no unnecessary tabs. The homepage is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t overload you with images or info.  The presentation has been well thought out and you can find whatever you are looking for very easily.

Having only 5 main categories makes life so much easier in terms of narrowing down that field. The navigation menu on the left hand side is so simple it defies logic why it isn’t employed on more sites. You tick the boxes you want and the rings appear that match your criteria. From a male point of view, who often considers finding that perfect ring as the stuff nightmares are made of, the whole process is greatly simplified.

We also love the Whiteflash FAQ section as this answered all our questions clearly and in terms we understood. This website has one of the largest education sections I have so far discovered among the numerous sites I have reviewed.

It’s clear that they want to share their expertise and knowledge with the customers and the blog, engaging guides and excellent infographics have the same level of clarity as one of their gems.  The Whiteflash site is also a valuable resource tool to discover the latest designs on offer.

There is a handy search box which stores your queries for further visits, a live chat to discuss your requirements and the option to pick up the phone and call them should you wish to discuss your requirements further. Making such a valuable purchase online can be kinda scary so knowing you can also ring up and pay over the phone is an extra reassurance.

The company’s aim to achieve simplicity and transparency is in evidence right across the board. The effort they have gone to, in order that you the best possible view of every product, is nothing short of phenomenal.

There is no ‘blind buying’ at Whiteflash, what you see is what you get with no unpleasant surprises. If that ring you love has the WOW factor on the website then there aren’t words to describe how it looks when you actually place it on your loved ones finger.

The Imagery

Few companies invest as much in their imagery as Whiteflash does. The premise behind this is very simple; what is the point of creating such stunning pieces of jewelry to be let down by photography that simply doesn’t do them justice?

Whiteflash have their own in house photography department who prides itself on not only capturing the beauty of each piece but showing them from several different angles to give you the full effect.

These images and videos are found under the main image of each piece. Whiteflash also has more than 22,000 images on Pinterest if you want to see more of the magic their photographers create.

Whiteflash are also in the process of creating and adding 3D videos for each of their products. These mini masterpieces last for 30 seconds and give you an even better view of your chosen piece before you purchase it. One of the videos already installed can be seen by following this link.

Click on either the Ring Video or Hand Video option above the main image. This is yet another innovative touch that is keeping Whiteflash way ahead of the game.

The Shopping Experience

Overall you cannot fault the online shopping experience offered by Whiteflash and judging by the reviews visiting the store is also incredible. You will obviously get the personal touch from going to their Houston jewelry store but Whiteflash have cleverly created an e-commerce site which also feels very personal.

The online check out process is one of the best we have come across. There are multiple payment options to choose from including all major credit cards, Paypal for US and Canada customers and even wire transfer which brings with it a worthwhile discount.  Free international shipping is all part of the service and just another reason why our shopping experience with Whiteflash was enjoyable from start to finish.

The Information on Offer

The Whiteflash website is positively packed with pertinent info and done in such a way that you want to read it rather than scroll past it. There is info about the company on the first page and when you click on a tab to enter a new area, diamond solitaire engagement rings for example, there is some interesting info on this style of ring including the back story on why this is currently the #1 choice across the globe.

With the clever use infographics to get the message across rather than reams of text, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds. Even if you consider yourself something of an authority there will be stuff here you didn’t know!

One of the most useful is aimed at those looking for the ideal engagement ring for their partner. You need to get this right the first time and with this guide you will get it spot on and increase your chances tenfold of that lucky lady saying “yes”.

In addition to all the information available online don’t forget there is also the live chat service. If you want to speak to somebody about anything to do with diamonds, or have a specific question, a friendly member of their highly knowledgeable staff is only a phone call away. You can also email them if you have a long or specific query and wish to add any attachments to give them a better idea of what you are looking for.

The Choice

There is less choice compared to other sites who stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap due to the fact Whiteflash only sell the most exclusive stones. Some websites are so overloaded with products which can make the shopper feel overwhelmed, and thus end up making the wrong decision as they simply become tired of looking.

With the options available within the 5 main categories of Designer Rings, Diamond Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Loose Diamonds and Wedding Rings nobody should leave empty handed. Fancy rose gold? Platinum? White or yellow gold? They are all here along with every setting you could think of from classic solitaires to elaborate halo designs.

The Loose Diamond section is a journey into the world of the classiest gemstone known to mankind. Those who don’t know round from radiant will discover the story behind each cut and how stone is created.

If a subtle hint has been dropped that your partner is a fan of the princess diamond, for example, you can select the perfect stone and have it custom made into a setting of your own design to take that oh so special ring to a whole new level.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Up until recently, Whiteflash only stocked natural diamonds. However, they’ve opened up their inventory to include a small, exclusive line of lab-grown diamonds. As they have one of the best reputations when it comes to natural diamonds, they can now boast the same for lab-grown stones. 

As lab-grown diamonds get more and more popular, Whiteflash have expanded their already impressive inventory to include them. The lab-grown diamonds they have are certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, and range from D to G in color, and VS1 to VVS1 in clarity. These diamonds are also classified as ‘As Grown’, which means they haven’t been subjected to any post-creation treatments—essentially, they’ve had quality since the very beginning. 

This 1.29ct D VS1 Round Hearts and Arrows Lab Created Diamond is an amazing example of how lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Plus, they come at a significantly lower cost, meaning you could go further with your budget. Perhaps purchase that dream designer setting?

The Packaging

Sending an exquisite piece of jewelry in cheap packaging is akin to framing an old master in plywood. The two should go together like peanut butter and jelly not oil and water. Whiteflash score highly in this area for the thought and care which has gone into how they package their items. Elegant and tasteful, their boxes deliver that killer first impression and heighten the anticipation of what lies within.

The lacquered cherry wood exterior is only matched by the superb satin interior which is the perfect backdrop for whichever ring is nestling there. Custom made for each piece to show it off, other companies should take a leaf out of Whiteflash’s book in terms of top end packaging.

Bottom Line

As a reviewer one of the key areas of the job is impartiality however, every so often something comes along that blows that out of the water. Whiteflash are a bespoke company in every sense of the word. They have built their reputation on referrals and it really shows.

What I will say however is that if you do not care about cut or are on a small budget then James Allen or Blue Nile might be better options, but don’t let that take anything away from Whiteflash. This company, its website and products were scrutinized heavily and we were very impressed with the site, its ethos and overall quality. For high quality and designer engagement rings Whiteflash is the place to go.

Whiteflash Review:
5 out of 5
★★★★★ by Exceptional quality and service. Whiteflash diamonds are consistently superior in cut and brilliance.
Whiteflash Review
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