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Gabriel and Co Review – The Brand

Gabriel & Co. is a family-owned jewelers, renowned for being passionate, dependable, and artistic designers, creators, and manufacturers.

The brand’s extensive line of timeless pieces aims to encompass classic and fashion-forward design, ultimately bringing together impeccable artistry with enduring technology.

The History

The Gabriel & Co. story starts with brother Jack and Dominick, who felt that the unfeeling jewelry industry needed new vision. As young apprentices to their father, master jeweler Elias Gabriel, they learned the art and science of combining precious metals and stones to make a creation greater than either element alone.

Committed to making their vision come true, the Gabriel brothers followed in their father’s footsteps and formed Gabriel & Co. in 1989. With their carefully selected, talented team, they devoted themselves to the production of the finest quality jewelry and unparalleled service.

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The Designs

Gabriel & Co. offer a wide range of deigns, many of which feature unexpected details that really make the rings stand out.

The collection includes a range of settings such as halo engagement rings, 3 stone engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, bypass engagement rings, twisted engagement rings, split shank engagement rings, straight engagement rings, and more.

Gabriel & Co.’s engagement ring collections include:


The designs in the Blush collection feature a delicate touch of pink gold in the side gallery – to signify how delightful the bride looks when she blushes.


The designs in the Riata Collection offer a graceful, curvaceous interpretation of a rope design that provides an ultra-feminine take on a classically appealing twist. These rings are designed to evoke the wanderlust of the outdoors, the thrill of the catch, and the permanence of tying the knot.


The Empire collection finds the perfect balance between the charm of a bygone era and a modern touch.


With their intricate rose blossom design, the rings in the Rosette collection are designed to embody natural beauty and power.


The regal designs in the Crown collection feature an elegant shank that is stunningly surrounded by a gallery of diamonds, forming a setting that is inspired by the unforgettable climax of a coronation.


The Entwined collection is inspired by the growth patterns of desirable flowers such as honeysuckle and wisteria. The rings’ side galleries boast sensually embracing, interwoven vines that can also incorporate diamond detailing.

Where can I buy Gabriel & Co. engagement rings?

Gabriel & Co. engagement rings can only be viewed from the brand’s website however you can purchase in store from one of the approved and trusted retailers across North America.

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Is Gabriel & Co. a Good Brand?

Gabriel & Co. not only offers an extensive selection of engagement rings but also infuses each piece with unexpected, artistic twists that truly set them apart. Their commitment to artistry, quality, and unique design is evident in every ring, ensuring that each piece is not just jewelry but a personal statement. If you find yourself captivated by their exquisite collections and require expert guidance in selecting the perfect setting or securing the finest diamonds online, do not hesitate to reach out for personalized assistance. Embrace the opportunity to make your engagement ring as remarkable and enduring as your love story. Contact me here for dedicated support in your journey towards finding the ultimate symbol of your union.

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