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If you’re looking for a spectacular diamond grade, a VS1 diamond is a fantastic choice. Globally, they’re one of the most popular grades of diamond due to their heady mixture of beauty, range, and affordability. 

So why do these features make VS1 Clarity Diamonds stand out? How do they look when embedded in engagement rings? What should you consider before making a purchase?

Before choosing a diamond, doing background research is a necessity, especially for those not well-versed in diamond markets or studies. In this guide, we’ve covered the information you need to know when it comes to VS1 Clarity Diamonds. 

What Is A VS1 Clarity Diamond?

When we’re talking about VS1 grading, we first need to talk about diamond clarity. 

Clarity is a term used in the diamond industry to refer to the visual appearance of the diamond, such as the presence of blemishes and inclusions. They are at the higher end of the Very Slightly Included grading, which is part of a wider range of diamond grading determined by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This divides eleven grades into six categories:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS) — VVS is divided into two grades, VVS2 and VVS2
  • Very Slightly Included (VS) – VS is also divided into two grades, VS1 and VS2
  • Slightly Included (SI) – SI is divided into SI1 and SI2
  • Included (I) – Included divides into I1, I2, and I3

VS1 diamonds have a higher grade quality than VS2, and have minor inclusions that are difficult to identify when viewed under 10x magnification, which means they’re rarely, if ever, noticeable to the naked eye.

Diamond imperfections are almost always inescapable. These are stones formed over countless years, taking from one billion to three billion years to be manifested within the Earth’s mantle. As such, it’s incredibly rare to find a diamond that’s completely perfect, free from inclusions or blemishes. 

Why Choose A VS1 Clarity Diamond?

In many circumstances, people assume that paying top dollar is necessary for securing a high-quality diamond. While true, it’s not necessarily accurate. In fact, you may wonder why people don’t pay more for these types of diamonds. 

It’s really a question of how much knowledge you have of diamond grading. To the naked eye, a completely eye-clean VS1 clarity diamond will look exactly the same as a flawless diamond, but have a much smaller price tag. Savvy diamond buyers can save thousands by choosing a VS1 rather than a higher graded diamond. 

For those looking for diamonds to adorn high-end engagement rings, a VS1 is the perfect choice. While these diamonds aren’t as rare as flawless diamonds, VS1 clarity diamonds deliver the same stunning brilliance and light performance as higher-graded diamonds, but don’t come with the same level of cost. 

The Cost of A VS1 Clarity Diamond

When looking at a variety of VS1 graded diamonds, the first thing you might notice is the wide variation in the cost of each diamond. Even if two diamonds are graded the same, they can vary greatly in price due to details such as their cut quality, color, and carat weight. Because of this, there’s not really a set rule for an average price. 

The only way to determine the specific price of a diamond, or a number of diamonds, is to look at the price they’re being sold at. A VS1 Clarity Diamond will potentially be more affordable than other diamonds, which is a good thing to remember, but it doesn’t mean that a diamond will come cheap. In fact, cheap is not what you want if you’re looking for quality. 

If you find a range of VS1 Clarity Diamonds, their price is usually heavily dictated by color, with a rating of D being more expensive than those with a rating of K. This is due to this system being graded by how diamonds can range from being colorless to having a faint yellow tinge. The less color a diamond has, the more expensive it will be. 

Carat weight also affects price in a similar way. The higher the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond. This is usually due to the fact that larger diamonds are much rarer than smaller ones, which can make them more desirable, increasing their market value. 

For a great example of a wide range of VS1 Clarity Diamonds and their relative prices, you can explore Whiteflash’s Round Cut Loose Diamonds, and use the in-built sliders to search for various ranges of VS1 diamond to discover what affects price the most. Click here to begin. I would also recommend trying James Allen as well. 

Our best bit of advice when it comes to cost for a prospective diamond buyer? Always stay within a budget that is comfortable for you. 

Should You Buy A VS1 Clarity Diamond?

Any diamond retailer worth their salt will tell you that VS1 Clarity Diamonds are well worth purchasing due to their beauty and value for money. Finding an eye-clean VS1 Clarity Diamond that’s been properly vetted will guarantee a spellbinding gemstone to include within a piece of jewelry, be it an engagement ring or a diamond necklace. 

Remember that, to the naked eye, a VS1 Clarity Diamond is just right. While not at the same level of quality as a Flawless (F) diamond, our eyes just don’t have the sensitivity required to pick up those fine details. 

For example, this 0.703 ct F VS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond from Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond collection is eye-clean, graded at VS1, and has an F color. It’s priced at $4,088 and is the perfect example of a VS1 Clarity Diamond. 

Compare it to this 0.716 ct F VVS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond, which is also eye-clean and of similar carat weight, but is $587 more expensive. Both diamonds are eye-clean, meaning any blemishes or inclusions can’t be picked up without the use of specialized equipment.

0.716 ct F VVS1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Round Cut Loose Diamond

Image Courtesy Whiteflash

The simple fact is; yes, you should buy a VS1 Clarity Diamond due to their quality, affordability, and the fact they are identical to higher graded diamonds when viewed with the naked eye. A diamond of such quality will deliver an impressive focal point to any piece of jewelry.

How to Choose a VS1 Clarity Diamond

Choosing a diamond is usually dictated by the Four Cs; Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. Now, as we’re talking VS1 Clarity Diamonds, that C has already been decided. However, remember to weigh up the others:


When it comes to diamonds, cut is the most important factor for determining quality, as it actually has the most impact on the overall quality and performance of the diamond.

When cut, a diamond is essentially an item containing a number of tiny mirrors, each taking in and bouncing light in multiple directions. For the best light performance, a diamond should be cut with absolute precision, which makes for better light performance. The American Gem Society provides a grading scale for diamond cuts:

  • 0 – Ideal
  • 1 – Excellent
  • 2 – Very Good
  • 3, 4 – Good
  • 5, 6, 7 – Fair
  • 8, 9, 10 – Poor

You can find more information about diamond cut on our diamond cut education page.


While, in general, the standard for an excellent diamond is colorless, color is really a subjective feature of a diamond. Many retailers and buyers want colorless, while others can be particularly interested in colored diamonds. 

For example, if a diamond is colored with a very saturated yellow color, it’s known as either a ‘fancy yellow diamond’ or a ‘canary diamond’, which is quite popular in some circles. 

If you’re looking for a colorless VS1 Clarity Diamond, choose a diamond that sits within the colorless ‘D-F’ bracket. 


For the uninitiated, carat represents the weight of the diamond. Usually, the higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond, as higher carat diamonds are rarer than their smaller counterparts. 

One carat diamonds set the industry standard, being the most popular weight. With many retailers, you can search for diamonds through weight alone, with many offering their weighings within three decimal points. 

However, like color, diamond carat is subjective. 

VS1 Clarity Diamonds: Our Final Recommendations

We believe that choosing a VS1 Clarity Diamond is an incredibly wise investment. These diamonds look identical to Flawless Clarity graded diamonds, but have a considerably smaller price tag. 

We recommend opting for a VS1 Clarity Diamond that sits around 1ctw, as the bigger the diamond, the more chances they have for inclusions and blemishes that are visible to the naked eye.

For some fantastic examples, you should peruse the offerings of Whiteflash in their A CUT ABOVE® range. There is also the Astor range by Blue Nile or True Hearts by James Allen, each with their own bespoke beauty offerings and advantages.

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