The Complete Guide to Buying a 3.00ct Diamond

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The Complete Guide to Buying a 3.00ct Diamond

When it comes to buying a diamond for some, three really is the magic number. Although a 1.00ct diamond continues to be the most commonly sought weight for buyers; shoppers who are fortunate enough to extend their budget appreciate the statement of beauty that a 3.00ct diamond offers the wearer.

Whether buying for beauty, pleasure, or investment, the golden rules of buying a large stone remain the same. If anything, attention to certification and paperwork should be paramount when looking at larger diamonds, for the larger the stone, the move unforgiving a bad cut or heavy inclusions will appear. I am going to take you through some commonly asked questions, as we explore the ins and outs of buying a 3.00ct diamond.

What is the Average Cost for a 3.00ct Diamond?

How long is a piece of string? As is the case with all diamond weights, the final price is greatly impacted by the cut, color, and clarity of the stone. It can be the difference between a heavily included, poor color diamond for around the $8,000 mark, while a flawless, colorless stone which would be closer to $90,000.

In larger diamonds, the shape may also influence the price, or rather the requirements that the chosen shape has. For example, step-cuts such as Emerald or Asscher are far less forgiving. They have a large, open table and do not have as many facets as a brilliant cut. For this reason, any inclusions or flaws within the stone are far more obvious, as they are not disguised by the signature sparkle of a brilliant cut.

Fancy cuts (Marquis, Pear, Heart, etc.) will usually be lower in price, as there is less diamond wasted to produce these cuts. Inclusions and flaws can often be worked around or removed without sacrificing the carat weight.

How Big is a 3.00ct Diamond?

Although this question seems to answer itself, it is one that is often asked by buyers. The question is really asking about the visual impact of a 3.00ct diamond. How big is a big diamond?

A 3.00ct diamond would certainly be considered a large choice of stone within the retail market. Its popularity is perhaps because it is the sweet spot between a glamorous, show-stopping piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time, and something which is so large that most will consider it to be fake.

A very large diamond (6.00ct and above) can also be extremely cumbersome for everyday wear. For this reason, many will choose to reserve such pieces for the occasion only. If you are looking for something that can be worn every day, such as an engagement ring, it is worth considering coming down in carat weight to ensure comfort.

The shape that you choose for your 3.00ct stone will also impact the impression of the size on the hand. Different shapes with the same weight can look drastically different. Consider what it is you are looking for; if you want a diamond that looks very large, and are looking to maximize size relating to carat weight, then a Princess cut or a Marquis will both give this effect.

If you would prefer to emphasize the clarity and color of the ring, then a step-cut gives a clean look with intense depth. The depth of the cut means that a step-cut will appear smaller in a ring than a fancy or brilliant cut.

If you’re looking for a large selection of diamonds I would recommend considering Blue Nile, however if you’re looking for the best cut quality and sparkle head to Whiteflash as their A CUT ABOVE® selection is known to be one of the best available on the market.

Where can I Buy a 3.00ct Diamond?


Step One and Two – research and compare

For some, the concept of shopping for a diamond online is still a moment of discord. However, you simply will not find the same selection or prices in a brick and mortar retail store. Shopping for a diamond online gives you the time and the options to make the right choice. A store will insist on a deposit to order in diamonds that they do not have available, while online retailers have the luxury of huge inventories with high res 360° views of the stone, which is far more helpful than viewing a stone by eye under the flattering lighting of a jewelry store.

If having the full 3.00ct is of paramount importance, I would recommend first taking a look at Blue Nile. They have the largest online inventory, and therefore will provide more examples of diamonds that fit the ‘full’ 3.00ct mark. Blue Nile is always a great starting point on the quest for a loose diamond, as their website is easy to use and their inventory is unmatched. This means you can spend time playing with cut, color, and clarity options to see what will work within your budget, as well as explore fancy cuts.

If you are looking for a princess or round brilliant cut with an exceptional sparkle, my recommendation would be Whiteflash. Their in-house A CUT ABOVE® diamonds is known to be one of the best available on the market. Their prices are reasonable as they do not carry the large premium that a jewelry store does. If you are looking for fancy cuts, the selection is limited. I was only able to find two examples of 3.00ct pear cut diamonds. However, you know that these are sure to be of exceptional quality.

Step three – decision

And finally, if budget is simply an afterthought, then Tiffany & Co. have some stand out stones that are sure to dazzle. You absolutely will pay a premium for these stones; however as Tiffany is such a large and well-established brand, they have access to some great diamonds. If you’re looking for the best quality cut diamonds head to Whiteflash. You won’t pay a premium and you’ll get a better quality of cut than from Tiffany’s.

Tip: I personally would purchase a super ideal cut 2.5 carat diamond. The reason why is that a well cut 2.5 carat will look larger and have better edge to edge light return than a poorly cut 3 carat diamond.

The Final Word

I leave you with the most important factor of all, in the hope it will stay with you on your diamond buying journey; whether from a brick and mortar store, or an online retailer always choose a GIA or AGS certified diamond. They are the only unbiased certifications in the industry that insist on the most detailed analysis to ensure the most accurate grading for your diamond. This is especially important when opting for a larger stone. A certificate will give the diamond provenance and is tangible and internationally acknowledged proof of the quality.