The Best Designer Jewelry and Engagement Ring Brands

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June 22, 2020
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Are Diamonds Rare?
June 22, 2020
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July 8, 2020

The Best Designer Jewelry and Engagement Ring Brands

Diamond jewelry is full of sentiment, history and personality, engagement rings and diamond jewelry mark significant milestones and become treasured heirlooms. A designer setting takes this a step further.

My top designers are those who blend imagination and craftsmanship into timeless designs that cover a variety of styles.


The Tacori story is rooted in romance and this carries through into their exquisite designs. Sweethearts Gilda and Haig Tacorian used their jewelry experience to create Tacori; a family company offering exceptional craftsmanship and stand-out designs that break from tradition, whilst respecting antique methods and styles. Tacori’s signature feature is the use of undulating crescents. This quirk is taken from the heart-shaped design commissioned by Haig, and has since developed into the Tacori calling card. Tacori are based in California but their designs are available internationally.

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A. Jaffe

Comfort and beauty combine in A. Jaffe’s designs. Established in 1892, A. Jaffe is a New York based company creating sleek and symbolic designs with patented features. Their distinctively shaped shanks ensure your ring will not twist on your finger and their carefully crafted prongs prevent your jewelry from snagging on clothing. A.Jaffe also created a Maps collection, allowing customers to select special place of personal meaning, mark it with a diamond and immortalize it in jewelry.

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Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co will get a mention on most jewelry lists and the recognition is not undeserved. Though Tiffany jewelry carries big premiums, there is an undeniable allure when it comes to the little blue box. Their sterling silver collection offers an affordable way to own Tiffany jewelry, but where possible your money is best spent on their unique diamond pieces. Their top-end jewelry features fancy colored diamonds, unusual cuts and classic styles; great for those with a substantial budget.

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Ritani jewelry is made to order and handcrafted in New York for a truly artisan experience. They are most famed for their precise micro-pave setting – a highly complex technique that, when executed properly, can achieve a continuous sparkle. Whether it’s a pair of twinkling halo earrings or a structured and sparkling engagement ring, Ritani’s commitment to process and technique can be seen in every piece of jewelry they create.

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Verragio are a breath of ornate fresh air in a world of simple jewelry. If you have an eye for baroque styles, European elegance and blinding sparkle, a Verragio ring might just be for you. Verragio designs are intricate and detailed with a flourish and flair that you just can’t stop staring at. They use bi-metal styles and other precious gemstones to adorn their diamond jewelry.

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Scott Kay

Scott Kay offer some intricate and masterful designs that truly continue the legacy of the late pioneer who started it all. Compared with some of the other names on this list, the Scott Kay operation is fairly small, continuing the artisanal spirit that is at the heart of the company.

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Simon G

Simon G began with Simon Ghanimian, a jewelry maker who moved to Southern California to live out his dreams. From humble beginnings, Simon G has grown into sensation, bringing master craftsmanship and timeless designs to the market. Classic solitaires and one-off masterworks are all given the Simon G treatment, with acute attention to detail and a flawless finish.

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Vatche designs embody innovation. Like a sports car, Vatche jewelry is fine tuned to deliver on durability and style. Even under the most scrutinous examination, Vatche’s sleek designs hold their own, demonstrating everything that good jewelry making should be. Their collections are diverse, with a ‘something for everyone’ feel, but make no mistake – incredible attention to detail ensure these designs stand out just as much as their ornate competitors.

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Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper offer contemporary classics that exhibit some exquisite setting techniques. Each ring is handmade to order and inspected by the company’s founders, Jeff and David Cooper. They utilize lots of fancy cuts in their jewelry and unusual side-stone designs for a fresh take on engagement rings and diamond jewelry. If you fall in love with a Jeff Cooper design, it is unlikely you will be able get it out of your head – unique and well crafted, it is easy to see how Jeff Cooper captures the hearts of their customers.

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Innovative design philosophy is at the core of Danhov jewelry. Founder Jack Hovsepian’s guiding principles of couture and precision have been carried through the business and remain clear in their distinctive designs. Taking inspiration from art, music and culture, every Danhov ring tells a story.

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Hearts on Fire

The branding of Hearts on Fire is extremely sleek and the name tells you a lot about the company and their tagline The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® is just as powerful. The Hearts on Fire focus on diamond cut works in harmony with elegant, high quality settings. Some customers may find the Hearts on Fire collection of diamonds a little limited, but for those of you seeking a high quality round brilliant diamond, HOF is a wonderful choice.

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