Getting the size of a ring changed is a routine task for a jeweler. It may be because of an eager proposal or weight gain or loss. It’s important for comfort and security that the ring fits well.

Re-sizing is a common procedure and can be done on most rings, but not all, and not always to the degree needed. The more competent jewelers will be more skilled in re-sizing trickier rings, and whilst it is a common and routine task, you should always choose a professional.

The Basics of Ring Re-Sizing

In most cases, a ring can be re-sized by two sizes in either direction – larger or smaller. Any more than this, and you risk greatly affecting the integrity of the ring.

This is why I suggest double-checking that the ring needs re-sizing first, and by how much. Again, your best port-of-call for this is a reputable jeweler. They will happily check the fit of the ring for you, and offer advice on re-sizing options. You want a ring to be tight enough that it is comfortable, but not so tight that you are unable to get it off without struggle.

When a Ring is New

If a ring is new to you, or you are new to wearing a ring, then you need to take particular care before deciding to get the ring re-sized. This is because, rather like a new item of clothing, or new glasses, a ring can feel unusual to begin with. Once you are used to the sensation, you may no longer feel it is too tight, for example. You need to be sure about the need for a re-size, as ideally, you don’t want to be re-sizing a ring more than once.

Making a Ring Smaller

Making a ring smaller is actually easier than making it larger. It usually involves a quick process of removing a small section from the back of the band, and seamlessly joining the gap together.

You should not be able to tell the ring has been re-sized by looking at it, simply by a more appropriate fit.

Making a ring smaller is possible on rings that have a plain, or uniform, band or shank. If the design continues around the full journey of the shank, and if this includes gemstones, then it becomes more difficult. Re-making the ring may be necessary in these situations.

Making a Ring Larger

On the other hand, and a little more complex, is the task of making a ring bigger. This is typically done by stretching if possible; however, this will only marginally increase the size of the ring. If you need the ring to be made bigger than stretching alone will allow, then as with making a ring smaller, a cut is made in the shank and additional metal inserted and soldered seamlessly in to the cut.

As with reducing the size of a ring, making a ring bigger can be problematic. If there is a large amount of detailing around the shank or band, or if gemstones go the full way around the ring (such as an eternity ring), then making the ring larger is harder. In some cases, it can be possible to re-balance the look of a ring by adding, changing, or removing gemstones.

The Cost of Resizing a Ring

The cost of resizing a ring depends on a number of different variables. It will depend on whether additional precious metal is needed and how much, in addition to the complexity of the task, and the labor charge. A ballpark figure from a reputable jeweler, such as Whiteflash, James Allen, and Blue Nile, will be between $50 and $100.

When buying a ring, especially if it is a surprise purchase, you should ask the jeweler in advance whether re-sizing would be possible. If you choose one known for their excellent after-sales care, then you will have peace of mind.

Richard Jenkins, The Diamond Guru

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