Diamonds on Men’s Wedding Rings

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October 19, 2017
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Diamonds on Men’s Wedding Rings

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Celebrity David Beckham began to pave the way for it to become increasingly popular to see diamonds on men’s wedding rings, such as this unique Simon G. MR2036 Men’s Wedding Ring striking piece from designer Simon G. This represents a whole new world opening up for men’s wedding band choices. Men were traditionally limited to a plain gold band. Gradually this extended to platinum options. Then we began to see different finishes such as matte, and two-tone metals. However, we were still overlooking the wide range of design possibilities that incorporating diamonds could mean for men.

With the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ there are increasing numbers of men looking for something unique in their wedding band. Let’s look at the ways in which this is possible.

Texture and Finish

A typical man’s wedding band would rarely differentiate from a flat band. You can begin to inject some personality by opting for a matte, non-shiny finish. In many ways, this is the way to create a more understated look. However, you will need to take care of it to ensure it doesn’t just look worn or scuffed, rather than intentionally matte.

Flat or Round Band and Width

Another way to differentiate is to opt for a rounder band than the traditional flat band. The flat band has a lower-profile and has been chosen by men for generations because of its practicality. However, when many men work more at a keyboard than a coal face it’s debatable whether this is really needed for the times.

Moving away from a flatter band opens up more design possibilities as the band can sit prouder to the finger. This can be achieved with a rounder, less flat, band. Additionally it can be achieved by increasing the thickness of the metal whilst still retaining the masculine angular edges.

It’s also possible to vary the width of the band. Some men will prefer a more slender band whilst those wishing to make more of a statement will opt for a wider one instead.

Different Metals

Simon G. LG133 Men's Wedding Ring - Whiteflash _ 4078

Traditionally men have opted for a plain yellow gold band. Nowadays men are choosing between yellow gold, white gold, platinum and even rose gold depending on skin tone and preferences. What we’re also beginning to see is the introduction of two-tone designs. Again, to use a Simon G example (because their men’s wedding rings are popular and distinctive), the Simon G Men’s Wedding Ring with Rose Gold Accents is a perfect example of integrated different colors, as well as textures.


Now on to the use of diamonds in men’s wedding rings, which is a trend I’m watching unfurl with a huge amount of interest. The reason being, this is signaling a change whereby men’s wedding jewelry is beginning to be viewed with the same importance and creative flair that we’ve traditionally seen in ladies only designs.

Pleasingly, by incorporating diamonds into men’s wedding bands we aren’t simply seeing attempts to create feminine rings with masculine angles. Instead we’re seeing some fabulous and unique designs which are as unique as each man who will wear them.

We’re seeing pavé options where same size gems are regularly and uniformly placed around the band; we’re seeing interspersed seemingly-random placed different sized stones; and we’re even seeing the statement center diamonds we traditionally associate with a classic solitaire engagement ring. It is about creating brilliance and sparkle with a splash of personality.

How to Select Your Diamonds

When choosing the diamonds for a men’s wedding ring, the same care and diligence should apply as when selecting the centerpiece of a solitaire – research is needed. Whilst many diamonds will look similar to the naked eye, there are huge variations in quality and craftsmanship. I strongly recommend that you take some time reading up in the Education part of my site, particularly on the 4Cs: Carat; Cut; Color; and Clarity.

This basic level of understanding of the different quality of diamonds will help to ensure you pay a fair price within your budget. It will also ensure that the diamond you choose holds its value over time. Whilst adding diamonds to men’s wedding rings is relatively new, this is particularly important. We cannot be sure that the settings won’t become dated. As an industry the settings are new, and as such timeless heirlooms don’t truly exist yet. However, choose your diamonds wisely and these will prove to be valuable in to the future.

When it comes to recommending the diamonds, my first option would always be to choose A CUT ABOVE diamond from Whiteflash. However for small melee diamonds on Men’s Wedding Wedding Rings I would suggest heading to Blue Nile! They have the biggest selection of men’s wedding rings:

To look at this section of men’s wedding rings click here, and select More Filters > Gemstone > Diamond.


In summary, if you’re just looking for small melee diamonds that don’t need to be certified head to Blue Nile as they have the biggest selection. If you’re looking for high quality certified diamonds head to Whiteflash, and I would also consider James Allen.

The Future of Men’s Wedding Rings

It’s an exciting time as we watch men’s fashion in wedding jewelry unfold. What we are seeing now is really just the start. As this trend gains followers I’m sure it’ll be mainstream very soon, and that’s exciting to see what new designs will bring.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
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