Diamonds : Quality Always Counts

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February 16, 2016
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March 22, 2016

Diamonds : Quality Always Counts

This page contains references to diamonds or engagement rings from different companies. Sometimes I do receive a commission when you click on links and buy the products.

Romance is in the air during February with many looking to propose to loved ones during the Valentine period. With this life-changing question often comes the presentation of an engagement ring and one with a diamond is always the most popular choice.

If you are on a very limited budget however, be aware of the sacrifices you could be making. Whilst there are ways to buy a great gemstone of quality by being savvy in knowing how diamonds are graded, for those with very little to spend there is the possibility of buying a cheap diamond and then regretting it when the realization hits that it really has been a poor purchasing decision.

For those with some money saved

If you have some money to spend on a diamond but not a huge amount, it is possible to still buy a less expensive stone. Take some time to learn about the grading system which covers the quality of the color of the diamonds, the weight, the blemishes and the overall shape. This is known as the 4 C’s;

The diamonds at the top end of the scale of perfection will have a price tag which reflects their quality but the mid-range stones – in particular in the areas of color and clarity – don’t look anything other than stunning to the naked eye and are perfect for those with a mid-range budget.

Buying for the sake of it

If you have little or no money to spend on a diamond then you will be looking at those in the cheapest price brackets. Whilst you will still have a ring you can pop in a box when you go down on bended knee, the reality is that you are buying for the sake of it. Check out my Blue Nile Review and James Allen Review before making the mistake of thinking that any ring is better than nothing.


Quality costs but is worth it

The answer to the issue is to have a little patience and to spend a few more weeks or months saving up some money. By doing this you can do justice to the one you love with a quality diamond from a company with an excellent review like Whiteflash. Waiting this amount of time really won’t be a problem and when you propose you can give the one you love the opportunity to choose her own diamond ring with the enhanced budget you have a little later in the year. She’ll appreciate the fact that you see the importance of the quality of the diamond as a reflection of your lifelong commitment and also because you’ve carried out research into how to buy a diamond and checked out testimonials like my Tiffany one here:  rather than buying the cheapest diamond possible, it really shows that you have true love for your intended.

If then you’re looking to propose this Valentine’s Day or indeed at any time of the year, don’t rush into buying an inexpensive and poor quality diamond; it really isn’t worth it and spending that little bit more financially will – in the long run – be a much more worthwhile emotional investment.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins, known as Your Diamond Guru, is a diamond enthusiast who became an expert after searching for an engagement ring for his fiancée. Frustrated by the lack of guidance, he studied diamonds and became the go-to person for advice on buying the best diamonds. Richard launched Your Diamond Guru to provide unbiased reviews and resources to help others make informed purchasing decisions. He emphasizes the importance of considering factors beyond size, such as cut, color, clarity, carat, certification, and light performance.

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