DISCLAIMER: Since this review was released, High Performance Diamonds who were the online distributors for Crafted by Infinity have ceased to do business so I can no longer recommend them. For those looking for similarly high quality, high-performance diamonds, please head to my reviews of the Astor Collection by Blue Nile, A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds from Whiteflash and True Hearts by James Allen.

In 2001, the master diamond cutter Paul Slegers founded Crafted by Infinity, a diamond cutting boutique. Since then, they are renowned for producing very high-quality diamonds. In fact, their mission is a straightforward one—maximize the performance of every rough diamond they craft with. 

Crafted By Infinity ReviewCrafted by Infinity (CBI) is rather exclusive, as they refine and develop only 1000 diamonds per year, a small amount compared to other cutting providers. Slegers himself is known for being highly selective when it comes to the diamonds he works with, which translates to this low production count. In their own words, they state that their diamonds are at “levels yet unmeasured and ungraded by diamond laboratories”.

This begs the question, are Crafted by Infinity diamonds truly as good as they claim? 

Crafted by Infinity: The Background

Crafted by Infinity aims to create the highest quality diamonds in the world. The diamonds they do make each year are sold through exclusive retailers, such as High Performance Diamonds. Each of these diamonds is personally cut by master diamond cutter Paul Slegers himself, which ensures that each one is cut to the highest possible standard. This focus on exclusivity works well for Crafted by Infinity, who can truly focus on creating the best of the best.

Crafted by Infinity’s Online Presence

As they are not themselves the retailer, the Crafted by Infinity website isn’t as detailed as other diamond retail sites, however, it does list the full range of dealers that stock Crafted by Infinity around the world. 

The primary distributor of Crafted by Infinity is High Performance Diamonds, who we have previously reviewed and found their site to be incredibly easy to use and contains an incredibly amount of detail when it comes to describing the quality and grading of each diamond. 

On their own website, their search function is basic, only allowing you to search for diamonds by focusing on; round cuts, princess cuts, price, and the four C’s. There are many other retailers with search functions that are much more intricate and appealing. However, one reason that may explain this is the overall emphasis on quality—Crafted by Infinity work to provide consistent quality, and so a complex search function isn’t truly needed. 

When using CBI’s search, it does take some time to find the truly useful information. Table, depth, pavilion, and crown data are only available if you click on the ‘expert details’ button. Unfortunately, there is no data available on girdle length or thickness. 

The Quality of Crafted by Infinity Diamonds

Fortunately, it seems that each of the Crafted by Infinity diamonds are graded by the American Gemological Society, which is an absolute plus for prospective diamond buyers. However, remember that the included ASET images are computer-generated, and therefore can contain errors caused by scanning. 

Also, due to CBI’s focus on quality, it means they are not burdened by the financial pressures the push other cutters to focus on carat weight rather than actual cut quality. Their focus is on consistency, which can truly be seen in their diamonds, providing CBI diamonds with the hallmark of a recognizable brand. 

CBI diamonds are classed as ‘super ideal’, at a range they claim is actually superior to IF-clarity, colorless diamonds. Each diamond, they claim, is cut with the aspiration of attaining ‘Flawless Cut’, which is a claim that is seemingly true. Overall, they work towards diamonds that show no defects even under 10 magnification.

Light Performance

In terms of light performance, every diamond is evaluated using ideal-scope imaging. Of the diamonds I researched, none had any light leakage under the table. Overall, the quality of light performance is very good, with a balanced light return achieved by all. 


When looking for the best quality diamonds, expect a price tag to match. This is true of Crafted by Infinity diamonds. With their main target of showroom clients, you can presume a high cost. However, the quality of the diamonds themselves and their relative scarcity justifies this price. 

Meet the Cutter Events

One aspect of Crafted by Infinity’s offering is very intriguing. While they don’t have their own sales policies, due to the fact they are not the retailers of their own diamonds, they do operate with unique benefits for interested and purchasing parties. 

The one I would like to mention is their ‘Meet the Cutter’ events, which provides an opportunity for CBI diamond owners to attend an event, held by one of the CBI retailers, in order to meet the person who has cut their diamonds. I see this as another emblem of an organization who are incredibly confident in the quality of product they’re providing

For those who are interested in learning more about their diamonds and the diamond cutting process and market in general, these are very valuable opportunities.

Crafted by Infinity: Final Thoughts

For those who value spread as an indication of a good deal, Crafted by Infinity’s super ideal diamonds represent a good investment, as you can obtain a nicely sized diamond for the stated carat weight.

On top of this, it’s evident that CBI are truly dedicated to pursuing the highest level of quality in their diamond cutting. They have an attention to detail that is unsurpassed by many retailers. While this is obviously a great advantage to those looking for the best, it also does translate to necessarily higher prices than you may find in other diamond retailers. However, I would still recommend setting CBI as the standard for the quality of diamonds you should look for, even if they may be out of your price range. 

Finally, when we’re talking about Crafted by Infinity, we are really talking about perfect optimal symmetry and high quality light performance, the kind the truly stands out against the competition. If you’re looking for the absolute best from those people who are passionate and dedicated to curating the perfect diamond, Crafted by Infinity is the name for you. To see more diamond and jewelry retailer reviews from Your Diamond Guru, click here.

DISCLAIMER: Since this review was released, High Performance Diamonds who were the online distributors for Crafted by Infinity have ceased to do business so I can no longer recommend them. For those looking for similarly high quality, high-performance diamonds, please head to my reviews of the Astor Collection by Blue NileA CUT ABOVE® Diamonds from Whiteflash and True Hearts by James Allen.

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