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Navigating the world of diamonds and jewelry can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of choices available. In my quest to provide you with comprehensive insights into various jewelers, I delved deep into the offerings of Rogers and Hollands. With a rich history and a vast presence across the nation, this family-operated chain store promises a blend of tradition and modernity. But does it live up to the expectations? Let’s dive in and explore.

The Company

In my journey through the diamond industry, I’ve encountered numerous jewelers, each with its unique story. Rogers and Hollands, with its impressive lineage, stands out as a beacon of tradition. Spanning over a century, this family-operated business has expanded its footprint to 10 states, boasting 81 distinct stores. Their growth story is a testament to their adaptability and commitment to the craft.

However, it’s not just about numbers. During my interactions and visits, I felt the warmth of a family business, a touch that’s becoming rare in today’s commercialized world. Their multi-generational involvement in the business adds a layer of authenticity, making you feel a part of their extended family.

Yet, while their historical roots are deep, I couldn’t help but notice certain aspects that could use a modern touch. The balance between preserving tradition and embracing the new is a delicate one, and Rogers and Hollands seem to be on that tightrope.

The History

Rogers and Hollands started out as Hollands Jewelers over 100 years ago in 1910. It was acquired by Rogers Jewelers and under the new name kept the family within the ranks and began to grow. In many ways it was one of America’s first jewelry chain stores, already having 15 stores by the end of the 1970s. They were originally Chicago-based but they are now very much nationwide.

Rogers and Hollands also use the Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers name typically more in the south-eastern states, whilst the Rogers and Hollands name is usually used in the North and West. The company very much has a rich history of mergers and acquisitions which have all created the company it is today. At its roots, it tries to maintain its family jeweler feel.


During my visits to Rogers and Hollands, I delved deep into their pricing structure. On the whole, their offerings align with what I’d term as ‘middle-of-the-road’ pricing. However, as I navigated through their collection, I noticed inconsistencies. Some pieces, despite their elevated price tags, didn’t seem to offer the exceptional value I was anticipating. While the listed prices might seem reasonable at first glance, it’s the intrinsic value and the quality of the piece that truly matters. And in some instances, I felt the balance was skewed.

My in-store experience further shaped my perspective on their pricing. It’s a given that some brick-and-mortar stores often have higher prices than online platforms, primarily due to the personalized customer service they offer. But for the premium prices, I expected a premium service. Unfortunately, my interactions in the store left me wanting more. The level of customer service didn’t quite match the in-person premium, making me question the overall value proposition.

Imaging and Certification

One of the most striking observations during my exploration of Rogers and Hollands was their approach to diamond offerings. Unlike many jewelers who provide a selection of loose diamonds for customers to choose from, Rogers and Hollands predominantly offers preset rings. This means that the diamond is already set in a specific design, and there’s limited flexibility for customization.

While this might appeal to some who prefer a straightforward buying process, it raised a significant concern for me. On examining a few of their preset rings, like this one, I noticed a glaring omission: the lack of detailed information about the diamond itself. There were no reports, images, or specific details about the diamond’s cut, clarity, color, or carat. Such information is crucial for any informed diamond purchase, as it provides transparency and assurance of the diamond’s quality and value.

Rogers and Hollands Diamond Information

This absence of critical information is a major red flag. Without these details, it’s challenging to ascertain the true value and quality of the diamond you’re purchasing. Given the significant investment that a diamond represents, I believe that every buyer deserves complete transparency.

Based on my experience and observations, I would strongly advise caution when considering a purchase from Rogers and Hollands, especially given the lack of detailed information about their diamonds. It’s always best to be fully informed and confident in your diamond’s quality and value.


Roger and Hollands would probably not be your first choice if you’re looking for exclusivity. Their large-scale nationwide presence, with 81 different stores, means they have to have standard product lines. They are therefore not unique. I also feel that many of the settings are mediocre. However, there are a few interesting pieces scattered within the listings. Nonetheless, it is hard to take some of the higher price tags seriously when they are sitting alongside costume jewelry from Disney.

What does concerns me when it comes to exclusivity are the diamonds themselves. As I remind you often, you should always feel confident in the certificates and guarantees you can see with a piece of jewelry. See my post here for more information. In my time exploring Rogers and Hollands, I’ve come across some pricey pieces where the diamond cut just didn’t hit the mark for me. And then there’s the certificate – which, to be frank, doesn’t seem to hold much water. I’m all about keeping things genuine. Sure, there’s room for budget-friendly diamonds that aren’t top-tier, but it rubs me the wrong way when they’re dressed up as something more than they are. Most diamonds provide no certification at all, and the few that do are not from respected labs so cannot be trusted – look for diamonds certified by the GIA or IGI for labs.

Designer and Custom Items

Rogers and Hollands does have a Design Your Own section available on its website. However, in reality, this ‘tool’ is a search feature enabling you to narrow down your options from their pre-existing range. It’s not bespoke, or customized, per se.

As for designers, they do have some worthwhile designers on their books, such as Verragio. However, given the other problems with the Rogers and Hollands brand, you would do better to choose Verragio pieces from a retailer such as Whiteflash where you can select the center diamond.

Verragio Engagement Ring from Whiteflash

You should always compare designer pieces and see where else you can buy them. It is however reassuring to see designers such as Verragio are available through Rogers and Hollands – designers can usually select exactly where to retail their pieces after all.

The Website

The website serves its purpose, though it doesn’t particularly stand out. Navigating between pieces is fairly straightforward, but there’s a catch with the imagery. The photos provided aren’t of the actual diamond you’d be purchasing, which doesn’t instill much confidence in online buying. This seems to align with Rogers and Hollands’ approach. After all, with 81 stores dotted across the country, they might be nudging you toward an in-person visit.

Additionally, the price tag you’re charged online is what you would expect in-store – where you’re paying for an additional level of service. For buying online I recommend you choose reputable online jewelers such as Whiteflash for exclusive and top-of-the-range pieces, and for more affordable options James Allen.

The Imagery

The imagery on the site is quite limiting. Not only do you not get a clear view of the quality of the pieces, but the images provided aren’t even of the actual diamonds they sell. Hovering over each image does offer a zoomed-in view, but due to the poor resolution of the original photos, you’re left with a pixelated image rather than a detailed look. This is a stark contrast to many online jewelers who have not only improved their image quality but also provide accurate representations of the actual diamonds on offer. Rogers and Hollands are also missing out on providing light performance images, which are crucial for an informed diamond purchase. It’s high time they step up their game to match industry standards. For a deeper understanding of the significance of diamond imaging, you can refer to this comprehensive guide.

Take the time to carry out research, talk to specialist jewelers who are happy to pro-actively provide comprehensive ASET Maps, Ideal Scopes and other reports and videos like  Whiteflash or James Allen.

The Shopping Experience

Given that their in-person stores are given precedence over their online business, I’m really surprised by the lack of customer service I have experienced in the few I’ve tried. This is my main concern with Rogers and Hollands, in addition to the quality of the diamonds.

Firstly, given the price tags, and some of the designer names, you’d expect a sense of luxury. Their stores are comfortable, at ease, and definitely don’t feel like a standard chain jeweler. However, they weren’t as upscale as I would hope for some of the price tags. They also, presumably because of the size of the business, can feel a little generic.

I did have some issues with the customer service. To me, it’s fundamental to be treated with courtesy and respect and I started to feel this was lacking when it took a long time to be served. When I was served I felt as if it was me driving the conversation, and ultimately having to push for the information I felt I needed if I was to make a purchase.

I did wonder if this was simply a bad experience on a bad day, and I still hope that is the case. However, a quick look online shows that Rogers and Hollands consistently scores low in reviews from customers, and time and again it’s customer service that comes up short.

The Choice

You will certainly be overwhelmed with choice at Rogers and Hollands – there is ample. Being such a large jewelry store they can offer an immensely wide product line ranging from affordable pendants and earrings up to the top of the range diamond rings. However, the weighting for choice is definitely in favor of the lower end of the market – the generic pieces, watches, costume jewelry, and items such as Christening gifts. The choice for diamonds themselves becomes narrower the more closely you look.

The Returns Policy

Despite some reasonably strict terms and conditions, you should be satisfied with the returns policy which does provide your money back (less any alterations fees). Having so many stores, you will probably do your best to return an item in store. You can return online purchases within 30 days of delivery, but do check all of the terms and conditions including ensuring you return the certificate and that you have fully insured the item.

Bottom Line

Rogers and Hollands, with its deep-rooted history and expansive presence, certainly has its merits. Their wide selection caters to a broad audience, and their nationwide footprint offers accessibility to many. However, my experience with them was a mixed bag. The lack of transparency in their online imagery, particularly the absence of actual diamond images, raises concerns for the discerning buyer. While their in-store ambiance is comfortable, the customer service and the value proposition, especially for higher-end pieces, didn’t quite match my expectations.

For those venturing into the world of diamonds, it’s crucial to have confidence in your purchase, both in terms of quality and authenticity. Given the significant investment that diamonds represent, I’d recommend potential buyers to weigh their options carefully and consider exploring other renowned jewelers like Whiteflash or James Allen for a more transparent and fulfilling buying experience.
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