The Best Pavé & Side Stone Engagement Rings

The Rise of Men’s Engagement Rings
April 15, 2016
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December 12, 2016
The Rise of Men’s Engagement Rings
April 15, 2016
$29.7 million worth of Jewels Sold at Southeby’s
December 12, 2016

The Best Pavé & Side Stone Engagement Rings

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The Pavé designed rings offer an alternative to the traditional single solitaire set diamond engagement rings, bringing additional sparkle and a modern twist on a classic. When choosing a Pavé or side stone ring it is important to take into consideration the quality of the stones, after all it is these stones that will reflect additional light on to the main attraction – the diamond at the center of it all. Choosing a design is a personal choice and there are many available, it is just a case of choosing which one you prefer. The metal setting will also play an important role in how much additional sparkle a Pavé ring will give you. Naturally the colour of white gold and platinum will set the stones off beautifully, although a yellow or rose gold offers a little more contrast to the color of the stones.

14k White Gold Danhov LE116 Per Lei Diamond Engagement Ring

From Whiteflash, this beautiful ring brings a contemporary and individual look while still giving a really timeless feel. A split shank Pavéd with numerous diamonds will set the center stone off a beautifully.



Petite Cathedral Micropavé Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

This very pretty ring has a real alternative feel to it, combining the use of sapphires with diamonds to create a striking Pavé effect. This particular collection allows the customer to choose the size and quality of the center stone, bringing flexibility and catering to smaller budgets.


18k White Gold “Rounded Pavé” Diamond Engagement Ring

Being able to take either a princess or round cut center diamond, this delightful ring has been carefully crafted to create an impact. 62 round brilliant diamonds adorn the sides to create a breath-taking effect, giving it true sparkle from every angle.



14k White Gold Pavé Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

Another white gold engagement ring that has been fitted with 46 individual diamonds of superb quality. The flexibility of the center stone cut style with this ring will make it appealing to a large customer base as it enables an individual style to be chosen which can reflect personal taste. Twisted sides give a modern and contemporary feel.


18k Yellow Gold Pavé Knife Edge Lotus Basket Engagement Ring

With a timeless style and truly feminine lotus basket setting, this ring looks fabulous in any light. 36 Pavé diamonds adorn the sides giving a wonderful look, each one separated by a tiny glint of yellow gold setting. The center stone can be fitted with a variety of cuts and diamond sizes, offering a real personal look.


Intertwined Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

This is a ring that offers a true sense of individuality. Twisted sides showcase the center stone beautifully while numerous Pavé stones to the curved shafts will give a superb sparkle. A platinum setting offers additional security and strength to the center stone.

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14k Rose Gold Petite Pavé Engagement Ring

This beautiful ring from James Allen has been crafted with specialized settings under each diamond to create maximum light coverage and give an intense amount of sparkle. A petite engagement ring that will suit the lady who prefers a more delicate ring. Custom tailored prongs to the center stone fitting will allow it to sit flush with any wedding ring.


Milgrain Marquise and Dot Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Having a truly individual vintage style this Blue Nile engagement ring will appeal to the lady who prefers a ring that is a little bit different from the traditional solitaire ring. Diamonds to the shaft have been carefully designed in a Marquise and dot pattern to create an unusual looking effect. Show-casing a center diamond, this platinum ring offers maximum sparkle.

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18k Rose Gold Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring

In an ever fashionable rose gold metal, this stunning engagement ring offers a one of a kind design. With side stones paving the way to a high mounted center stone, which is also surrounded by tiny diamonds, this show stopping ring is both elegant and dramatic.



Choosing a Pavé ring will give you an individual looking ring with contemporary styling but with a vintage feel. It is a popular choice for ladies. It is, however, important to check the settings of each diamond and also the beading craftsmanship. For rings which have such intricate designs as seen on a Pavé engagement ring it is always best to choose a reputable supplier who specializes in high quality diamonds and their fittings – losing a diamond, even a small one can be both upsetting and expensive to rectify.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
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