A Sparkling Review Of The Top Diamond Moments in 2016

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December 12, 2016
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March 24, 2017

A Sparkling Review Of The Top Diamond Moments in 2016

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2016 has been an exciting, inspiring and (sometimes) nerve wracking year for diamond enthusiasts. Read on to relive some of the year’s highlights.

The Lesedi La Rona appears on the market

The huge 1, 109 carat Lesedi La Rona diamond was auctioned at Sotheby’s in June 2016 and yet (shockingly for some) a buyer was not found as it failed to meet its reserve price. In December 2016, however, Lucara Diamond Corp announced that they would be putting the stone back on the market in the first half of 2017. Second time lucky!

A flawless diamond on sale in Paris

In June, Graff unveiled a 105 carat flawless diamond to mark the opening of its new store in Paris’s Place Vendôme. This gorgeous jewel had been expertly polished and shaped by Graff’s own experts. This stone was found in Lesotho, deep within the rough, and Graff have yet to comment on the price of the diamond or how they plan to sell it. For now, it remains their great 2016 showpiece.

A synthetic diamond almost dazzles the experts at the GIA

The Gemological Institute of America came across a compelling synthetic diamond in October 2016. This CVD synthetic diamond was, the institute believes, the largest synthetic diamond that it has ever examined. One aspect of this incident that it is important to note is that, under microscopic examination, the diamond could easily have been mistaken for a natural one. It was only by using some of the latest spectroscopic instruments that the diamond’s true status was discovered. The GIA used the incident to highlight the need to use this advanced equipment wherever possible in order to detect forgeries.

Discovery of the Arkansas Esperanza Diamond

Bobbie Oskarson of Colorado was expecting to find just small pieces of quartz or – if she was really lucky – a tiny brown diamond when she visited the park in Murfeesboro, Arkansas in June 2015. She was at the popular attraction with many other tourists where the public can hunt for precious and semi-precious stones when she chanced upon what he thought was a worthless piece of mineral. When she showed it to the astonished staff at the end of the day however, she realized that it was something very special indeed. – Read more about the Esperanza here.

Are you ready for 2017?

With the hot topics of 2016 behind us, it is now time to look forward to a new year in the diamond world. January has already been an exciting month for diamonds, with Cartier unveiling its hands free diamond watch known as the Panthère (thanks to its panther themed design). As well as this watch, encrusted with no less than 255 diamonds, another thing to watch in 2017 is the transfer of the Argyle pink diamonds to Dhamani. This is to facilitate the unveiling of Dhamani’s new range of jewelry made of predominantly pink diamonds.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
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