Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

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February 27, 2020
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A Complete Guide to Wide Band Engagement Rings
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Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

The sentiment and symbolism of an engagement ring is a powerful thing. With a history that extends back over 6,000 years, we have never grown tired of the utter romance of a proposal and a stunning ring to mark the moment.

Traditional convention has given way to a modern and altogether more encompassing approach towards engagement. From the rings themselves, to those exchanging them, to the manner and timing of a proposal, the new rule is no rules in the world of engagement.

Engraving rings is as old as the tradition of engagement rings themselves, however the precision and possibilities for engraving have blossomed over the decades. Whether your opting for tradition or reimagining the engagement ring conventions, an engraving is the perfect way to add your own intimate flourish to your proposal. It is a fantastic way to mark your ring out as entirely ‘one of a kind’.

What Engagement Ring Engraving Should I Have?

The beauty of an engraving is in its individualism. Anything is possible. Contact your vendor and establish how many characters will fit in the ring (be aware that smaller sizes and slimmer bands will have less space for engraving).

You will also be given font options, so think carefully about how the final engraving will look. Looping and scrolling fonts that echo a lover’s handwritten letter are popular, but remember that these may be harder to read.

To get the creativity and romance flowing, I have collected some of my favourite engraving ideas that I have seen over the years. An engravement is a hidden message between yourself and your partner, so the decision is entirely yours.

Short & Sweet Engraving Ideas

Sometimes, less is more. One or two words can perfectly capture everything you want to say to your partner.

  • Eternal
  • Forever
  • Love
  • Love Always
  • Be Mine
  • D&S (Your first initials)
  • Roman Numerals/the date you met
  • Co-ordinates of a special place

These little notes are perfect for slim bands or half-eternity rings where space is limited like this dainty Tacori design.


Lyric Engraving Ideas

A snippet of a lyric will immortalise ‘your’ song and set the tone for a marriage full of Friday night dances and Sunday morning jam sessions.

You won’t be able to fit full verses on the ring, so part of the fun is picking out the one line that will always remind you of your partner and what the song means to you.

  • ‘Better together’ – Jack Johnson
  • ‘I will always love you’ – Whitney Houston
  • ‘Baby we were born to run’ – Bruce Springsteen
  • ‘All of me loves all of you’ – John Legend
  • ‘Be my, be my baby’ – The Ronettes

Fit for a princess; the Lyrics solitaire by Vatche is just waiting to be adorned with notes of love.

18k Yellow Gold Vatche 1520 Lyric Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess

 Poetry Engraving Ideas

The oldest expressions of love are sometimes the most powerful. Whether its Wordsworth who makes your heart flutter, or Shakespeare who keeps the embers of loving glowing, poetry engravings are a tried and tested way of showing your affections.

  • ‘She walks in beauty’ – Lord Byron
  • ‘For one is both, and both are one in love’ – Christina Rossetti
  • ‘Love is less always than to win’ – E.E Cummings
  • ‘I love your eyes where the lovelight lies, lit with a passionate fire’ – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The ring by Verragio encompasses old world romance; perfect for poetry engraving.


Funny Engraving Ideas

A private joke? A favourite quote? Something a little risqué? The beauty of a hidden engagement graving is only two people in the world will know that it is there.

  • ‘Put me back on!’ – For forgetful partners
  • ‘I love you more than…’ – Beer? Doughnuts? The choice is yours!
  • ‘He put a ring on it’ – A nod to Beyoncé
  • ‘Not for pawning!’ – Just a little reminder

Movie Engraving Ideas

Cuddling up to watch your favourite movie with a special quote pressed against your skin. Here are some classics to inspire your search.

  • ‘You had me at hello’ – Jerry Maguire
  • ‘You jump, I jump’ – Titanic
  • ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird’ – The Notebook
  • ‘You should be kissed often & by someone who knows how’ – Gone with the Wind

A stunning three-stone engagement ring writing a trilogy of your romance.

Three-Stone Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1_4 ct. t_ - www.bluenile.com

I’ve invested many years studying diamonds, settings and where to buy them from, so if you are looking for more advice, tips or have any questions please drop me an email or use the contact form.

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Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins, known as Your Diamond Guru, is a diamond enthusiast who became an expert after searching for an engagement ring for his fiancée. Frustrated by the lack of guidance, he studied diamonds and became the go-to person for advice on buying the best diamonds. Richard launched Your Diamond Guru to provide unbiased reviews and resources to help others make informed purchasing decisions. He emphasizes the importance of considering factors beyond size, such as cut, color, clarity, carat, certification, and light performance.

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