Top 5 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

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April 26, 2017
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Top 5 Most Popular Diamond Shapes

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Diamonds hold a timeless appeal that captivate and mesmerize: A certain allure cannot be grasped with any other stone, but that a diamond brings. The sparkles, the radiance, the dazzle of light, cannot be mirrored elsewhere. Their rarity only enhances their beauty, but nonetheless there are elements of fashion involved. Beyond the size, and the essential 4 C’s of diamond quality, which shapes hold the most appeal?

Our experience puts the top five most popular diamond shapes as Round, Cushion, Oval, Princess, and Emerald. Each of these different shapes brings something unique to the overall piece of jewelry and makes a unique statement about the wearer and the buyer. Each takes the raw material and symbolizes something, and accentuates different elements of the diamond.

Round Cut Diamonds

There’s no denying it, the number one spot is clearly owned by the Round Cut diamond. It leaves other shapes in its wake taking up a comfortable majority of the diamond market.

The Round diamond uses perfectly balanced symmetry to create a dazzling and timeless look. You can’t help but be drawn in to the light play as colors dazzle and shine.

It is probably the cut that most people think of when they consider a diamond. It has become synonymous with life stages for couples around the globe, and that will always carry more weight than fashion. It has a history of hundreds of years since diamond cutters realized its impressive brilliance.

It’s doubtful if any other shape will ever overtake the Round Cut.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Whilst the Round Cut diamond might steal the show, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other worthy diamond shapes. After the Round Cut, the remaining top four jostle for space with each other. Different years bring different fashions, and no individual one comfortably stays in second place.

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However, for the moment, Cushion Cut diamonds are in vogue, especially in the US. Whatever the reason for the resurgence in the Cushion Cut demand, it is a timeless style that works well. Sometimes you’ll hear it referred to as ‘pillow-cut’, and this described it well. The clarity of the light and brilliance is enhanced by the rounded corners and larger facets.

What we see with the Cushion Cut is a fair amount of variation in style in terms of cut. The Cushion Cut can, in one instance, radiate a contemporary feel, and in another fall in to the antique feel. It’s important therefore to take a careful look at what you are really after.

Oval Cut Diamonds

What works with Oval Cut Diamonds is that you get something timeless that rises above fashion of the moment, with a hint of something contemporary.

We are seeing the Oval Cut used increasingly in engagement rings, but also for pieces designed to match others. The Oval sits comfortably alongside other styles without jarring, and as such is a great option for acquiring different jewelry over time.

In many ways, it benefits from the well-known advantages of the Round Cut – with a dazzle of radiant light. However, it also benefits from its elongated length, which accentuates and highlights the overall light performance.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess Cut diamonds are probably the main overall contender for nudging the Round Cut off the top spot, with its opposing square or rectangular shape, however it has come and gone and come again over the years since its inception in the 1960s.

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The retro-style that is currently taking the fashion scene by storm may herald a chance for it to come back into the limelight again. It works extremely well in jewelry sets, most notably earrings, necklaces and pendants. Where we are seeing it really come in to its own is in engagement rings. For those wishing to step away from the tradition of the Round Cut, the Princess Cut is often the obvious choice.

The downside of Princess Cuts is their vulnerable ends and edges. However, this is where an expert jeweler comes in and ensures the setting is right for this cut. These are a ‘simple’ cut, and as such need showing off in carefully designed jewelry to enhance their simple light play.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut diamonds are also enjoying a resurgence because of the current trend for all things retro and celebrity choices. Originally designed, of course, for emeralds, the Emerald Cut brings something special to diamonds too.

With the Emerald Cut what we see is a stepped cutting process whereby the light is enabled to reflect very much in the manner of multiple mirrors. This creates a cascade of radiance whilst also allowing the onlooker to dive in through the smooth facets. Clarity and Color, two of our 4 C’s, are displayed gloriously as a result.

Whilst these may be the top 5 of the moment, the good news is that realistically all diamond cuts are timeless in their appeal. Instant choice now may lead you to a particular cut, but you can still be sure that in 10 or 50 years the diamond will look just as radiant and dazzling, as long as you used a reputable retailer. We highly recommend Whiteflash whichever diamond shape you are looking for. Alternatively, James Allen also have a strong reputation.
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins, known as Your Diamond Guru, is a diamond enthusiast who became an expert after searching for an engagement ring for his fiancée. Frustrated by the lack of guidance, he studied diamonds and became the go-to person for advice on buying the best diamonds. Richard launched Your Diamond Guru to provide unbiased reviews and resources to help others make informed purchasing decisions. He emphasizes the importance of considering factors beyond size, such as cut, color, clarity, carat, certification, and light performance.

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