The Best Engagement Ring Designers

What is the Average Engagement Ring Size?
August 14, 2018
Buying a Designer Engagement Ring Online, Which Designer is Right for Me?
December 21, 2018
What is the Average Engagement Ring Size?
August 14, 2018
Buying a Designer Engagement Ring Online, Which Designer is Right for Me?
December 21, 2018

The Best Engagement Ring Designers

Choosing a designer engagement ring is a great way of finding unique, masterfully executed designs from some of the most experienced designers and jewelry makers in the world.

Not all engagement rings are created equal, and reaping the benefits of a designer ring is all about selecting a credible and esteemed designer. We have narrowed the list down to some of the leaders in the world of designer engagement rings, so you can choose a company (and a ring) that is perfect for you.


Image courtesy of Whiteflash

Tacori is an ever-expanding family business based in California. Founded by Haig and Gilda Tacorian, the brand and the jewelry designs still show whispers of the European background of its founders, with unique flair that combines perfectly with an effortlessly stylish Californian vibe.

Tacori rings have a very distinctive style with intricate metal work and heavily detailed shanks and bands. Their signature design element is a crescent structure giving a unique profile view to the ring. This detail allows light to reach any additional stones set into the band as well as adding a new visual dynamic to the ring. Each Tacori Classic Crescent ring is finished with a small crescent towards the base of the band, a signature of the Tacori brand.

This three stone classic crescent design is the perfect example of Tacori style; detailed, intricate and distinctive, it would be the perfect ring for a bride looking to set herself apart from the crowd. If embellished isn’t your style, Tacori can still execute an understated look with masterful precision as demonstrated in this petite starlit solitaire.

Available at Whiteflash online and you can find your local dealer here.

Michael M

Image courtesy of Michael M

Based in Los Angeles, Michael M is the brain child of Armenia born entrepreneur Michael Meksian. After holding various jobs within the gold and jewelry industry the 25-year-old succeeded in opening his own jewelry business. In 2008, his eldest son joined Meksian and together they conceived of a company that could sit comfortably in the world of luxury bridal jewelry, offering modern jewelry designs with their roots set firmly in the European flair that represents their Armenian heritage.  Michael M was born, and has continued to deliver beautifully made engagement rings for over a decade.

From top to bottom the Michael M brand is all about class and sophistication. This double row diamond solitaire with side stone details is the perfect example of classic meets contemporary and is finished with a level of attention to detail that comes from years of experience and an understanding of diamonds.

Michael M also offers an impressive selection of settings suitable for more unusual cuts of diamond. This striking baguette-cut trilogy ring is show here perfectly partnered with an emerald center stone.

Available at Robbins Brothers and Solomon Brothers.

A. Jaffe

Image courtesy of Whiteflash

Established on 47th Street, downtown New York, Abraham Jaffe built his company at the epicentre of the diamond jewelry world in 1892. Since then, A.Jaffe have continue to be at the forefront on bridal jewelry, weaving classic craftsmanship with an inherent understanding of engagement ring trends. A Jaffe designs are notable for their patented squared band, which prevents the ring from twisting on the finger and keep the diamond central.

Minimalist meets innovation. This classic solitaire works perfectly with the patented A.Jaffe band; no matter how large your diamond may be, their clever design with keep it firmly in place.

Available at Whiteflash and Robbins Brothers.


Image courtesy of James Allen

Danhov was founded in 1948 by Jack Hovsepian; inspired by his father, a renowned fashion designer, Hovsepian learned to marry art with precision and detailing and these factors continue to drive Danhov to this day. At the cutting edge of couture, their designs are as varied as they are beautiful, with a unique story and sentiment behind each of their engagement ring collections. The hard work and passion has not gone unnoticed and in 2011 Danhov received the JCK Jeweler’s Choice Award for their Abbraccio Collection and  were also awarded first place in the 2015 Platinum Innovation Awards.

Taken from the Italian to ‘embrace’, this stunning solitaire from Danhov’s Abbraccio collection shows the continued influence of couture in the company’s creations. The curves and fluidity emphasize the center stone with natural elegance. For something a little more minimalistic, but just as dynamic, this sleek tension set engagement ring from the Voltaggio collection is effortlessly stylish and perfect for a contemporary bride.

Available at James Allen and Whiteflash.

Jeff Cooper

Image courtesy Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper cut his teeth in Manhattan’s first diamond district; working at the jewelers bench he developed a passion for refined and simple jewelry with understated elegance. Forty years on and Jeff Cooper’s continues to create clean, contemporary engagement rings that prove ‘less is more’. The designs are timeless, beautifully crafted and can be made in a variety of precious metals. Collections include Lumiere, with its hypnotic, twisted designs, the vintage-inspired Heirloom, and the classically elegant Grace

This delicate pear-cut diamond engagement ring is set with diamond shoulders for a sparkling instant classic. For a ring that truly captures the essence of Jeff Cooper designs, look no further than the Greta diamond solitaire from the Grace collection; a centre stone sits on a delicate diamond cross-over and is completed with a simple, high-sheen band.

Available at James Allen and


Image courtesy of Whiteflash

Ritani are at the forefront of the millennial market for engagement rings. With a seamless online shopping experience and highly wearable designs, everything about this brand is modern and effective, yet their designs are simple, elegant and perfect for those looking for something classic.

From a classic six claw solitaire, to this diamond split-shoulder halo design Ritani rings can be made in a variety of precious metals to suit your taste.

A word of warning; while Ritani settings are of a high quality, their loose diamonds are lower performing than others available on the market. Fortunately, Whiteflash sells Ritani Engagement Rings which can be paired with an A CUT ABOVE® diamond to create a beautiful engagement ring.

Available at Whiteflash and Ritani.

Martin Flyer

Image courtesy of Martin Flyer

Established in 1945, Martin Flyer is currently run by the third generation of the family, continuing the company’s legacy and dedication to a personal service while buying their high-quality engagement rings. Martin Flyer offer a good foundation for their buyers, with extensive educational pages across their website. They place emphasis on the types of rings available to brides-to-be and how these designs can reflect the personality of the wearer.

This FlyerFit mircopave halo design is set with 28 diamonds to enhance the central stone and give added sparkle to the ring.  For effortless elegance, their simple trilogy ring is a standout choice.

Available at Solomon Brothers and Days Jewelers.


Image courtesy of Whiteflash

Verragio have coined the tagline ‘unlike any other ring’ and just a glance at their designs will tell you why. Founder Barry Verragio entered the jewelry business at the tender age of 14, acting as an apprentice to a jewelry maker. He continued his education at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied under masters in the industry, including Maurice Galley, famous for his work with Tiffany and Co. Verragio used his wealth of experience in designing fine jewelry to create engagement rings that are instantly recognizable. Verragio used a Lumino technique when creating an engagement ring for his future wife; this method of setting suspends the centre diamond, allowing it to be flooded with light for the optimum fire and brilliance, a technique still used in Verragio settings today. Verragio works are best described as ornate, fairy-tale creations, using mixed metals, intricate filigree work and delicate beading for a decadent and luxury look. The brand has six distinctive collections including Venetian, Parisian, Insignia, Classico, Renaissance and Couture.

This princess halo engagement ring from the Parisian collection captures the essence of all things Verragio; with rose gold accents, precise beadwork and a delightful diamond crossover it is art and elegance in engagement ring form.

Or for something sparkling and delicate, this Renaissance solitaire engagement ring feature a u-shaped basket allowing maximum light to the diamond and is set on a diamond melee band. It is finished with subtle metal beading, a Verragio signature.

Available at Whiteflash and James Allen.

Gabriel and Co.

Image courtesy of Riddle’s Jewelry

Gabriel and Co was set up by two brothers, Jack and Dominick. As young apprentices to their jewellery maker father they honed their craft, acquiring an eye for design and a skilful hand, combining precious metals and gemstones to create contemporary, detailed jewelry and engagement rings. Gabriel and Co have a huge variety of engagement ring styles, including some which incorporate geometric elements, setting them apart from other designer settings. Their rings can be made in a precious metal of your choosing and can accommodate a variety of diamond cuts.

Using space and distance to enhance their creation this split shank Nova engagement ring gives drama and impact. A stand out design executed with precision.

Blending their distinctive contemporary style with vintage features, this vintage-style halo engagement ring effortlessly breathes life to the old world of jewelry with its crisp lines and exceptional detail; distinctively Gabriel and Co.

Available at Gabriel & Co and Riddle’s Jewelry.

Simon G

Image courtesy of Whiteflash

An LA based company, Simon G have delivered sleek, award-winning designs for over 30 years. Their collections are diverse and there is a definite ‘something for everyone’ feel to their jewelry. Expertly made and highly wearable, Simon G have cemented their place as one of the go-to designers for brides to be.

A dainty diamond solitaire with pear cut diamond shoulders featuring millgrain detailing; the Duchess engagement ring is tasteful and elegant.

A bolder, but equally stylish creation, this passion halo engagement ring draws inspiration from the art-deco era and uses it to create a contemporary masterpiece.

Available at Whiteflash and Robbins Brothers.


Vatche are a close-knit company who are well respected within the jewelry world. Their elegant, affordable rings are created with a delicate touch and are perfect for those looking for something stunningly simple and perfectly executed. Their rings are held to the standards of Vatche himself, who has headed the business since 1988 and deploys the same level of perfection to this day.

This Felicity solitaire engagement ring from the Serenity collection is perfect for petite hands. The six-claw head holds the centre stone firmly in place on a sleek and simple band.

Available at Whiteflash and Solomon Brothers.

Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins, known as Your Diamond Guru, is a diamond enthusiast who became an expert after searching for an engagement ring for his fiancée. Frustrated by the lack of guidance, he studied diamonds and became the go-to person for advice on buying the best diamonds. Richard launched Your Diamond Guru to provide unbiased reviews and resources to help others make informed purchasing decisions. He emphasizes the importance of considering factors beyond size, such as cut, color, clarity, carat, certification, and light performance.

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