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In this Clean Origin review, we often emphasize the rich heritage of jewelry retailers that have stood the test of time. It’s a celebration of their enduring legacy, but it doesn’t mean we should overlook newer entrants. Exploring a store based on its merits, regardless of its years in the business, can lead to discovering exceptional opportunities.

This brings us to Clean Origin. Established in 2017, Clean Origin is a diamond jewelry retailer specializing in lab-grown diamonds, making them an attractive option for those with smaller budgets. The burning question is, does Clean Origin live up to its reputation as a reputable destination for diamonds and diamond jewelry? Join me as we delve into this Clean Origin review to uncover what this retailer has to offer.

The Clean Origin Website

As the name suggests, the Clean Origin website lives up to its title by offering a clean and user-friendly interface. It boasts easy navigation, clear demarcations, and a minimalist design that directs your attention to the high-quality images.

If you’re looking for a better lab diamond experience, Whiteflash has started selling high-quality lab diamonds, I would also highly recommend reading my reviews on James Allen and Brilliant Earth.

The first feature I usually inspect is their diamond search function. Like many other online retailers, Clean Origin offers a search function where loose diamonds can be sorted via carat weight, cut, clarity, price, color, and certification.

This is incredibly easy to use and quickly brings up the kinds of diamonds you’re looking for. My only issue is that you can’t see HD images on the results page, but rather have to click through to specific diamond pages in order to see what they physically look like.

Round Lab Created Diamond from Clean Origin

Round Lab Created Diamond from Clean Origin

From the image above we can see that this diamond is lacking any actual images of the diamond you are purchasing.

When you’re considering a significant investment like a diamond, having a clear view of the actual product is crucial. Unfortunately, Clean Origin falls short in this regard. For many of their diamonds, you won’t find images of the specific diamond you’re purchasing; instead, they provide sample images. This lack of personalized imagery can be a source of concern for customers who want to see exactly what they are buying.

Moreover, Clean Origin does not offer detailed light performance images or HD videos for their diamonds. In an age where consumers expect transparency and comprehensive information when making online purchases, this omission is disappointing. Light performance images and HD videos allow potential buyers to assess a diamond’s brilliance, fire, and overall appearance more accurately.

What Are Clean Origins Diamonds Like?

As I said previously, Clean Origins deals exclusively in lab-grown diamonds. These aren’t the first choice for diamond purists, who prefer the naturally-occurring, rarer, and more valuable natural diamond. However, for those conscious of budget or looking for a completely ethical alternative, lab-grown diamonds are a must-have. Plus, Clean Origin is one of the only places that offer lab-grown diamonds that have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

For the purposes of this review, I looked at a 1.00 ctw VS1 H Round Cut Diamond. As far as I can tell, it’s a very good-looking diamond, with an Excellent cut. While the 360-degree image I viewed looked fantastic, the page did not tell me if it was an eye-clean diamond or not. With a VS1, you can assume a diamond such as this would be eye-clean, but that is definitely a downside to Clean Origin’s diamond description.

If you’re looking for a diamond with a much lower clarity grade, how are you to know whether the diamond is eye-clean or not? That being said, it is admittedly rare to come across a lab-grown diamond that is not eye-clean, as these stones are made under strict lab conditions. Creating a lab-grown diamond that isn’t eye-clean would not be a financially viable pathway for manufacturers.

The main thing that I find impressive about this diamond is the price, which is currently $946.95. I searched Blue Nile to find a diamond of the same qualities and found that all results were at least more than four grand more expensive. For example, the least expensive diamond of the same size and quality at Blue Nile costs $5,953.

This represents a substantial price reduction, making Clean Origin’s offerings an attractive option for those operating within tight budget constraints. Clean Origin excels in providing affordable lab-grown diamonds, making them an excellent choice for individuals who are mindful of their expenses.

However, it’s important to note that Clean Origin primarily focuses on providing budget-friendly options and may not be the ideal destination for those seeking the utmost in diamond quality and precision. If you’re in pursuit of the highest quality lab-grown diamonds with exceptional precision cuts, it’s advisable to explore options such as Whiteflash’s Precision-Cut Lab-Grown Diamonds. Whiteflash has earned a reputation for its commitment to precision and offers a selection of lab-grown diamonds that meet the highest standards.

1.03 ct D VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond

1.03 ct D VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond from Whiteflash

This image showcases what a top-quality lab-grown diamond truly looks like. It epitomizes excellence with a diamond that comes complete with certifications, detailed light performance images, and high-definition video. When you seek the pinnacle of lab-grown diamond quality, it’s diamonds like this one that set the standard.

Should You Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown, lab-created or ‘synthetic’ diamonds are slowly making a name for themselves. But where there is commendation there is also controversy. So what’s better, a natural diamond or a synthetic one? Is it truly as simple as that? Not quite.

If you’re interested in whether a lab-grown diamond is the right choice for you, head to my blog post on the topic here.

Diamond Jewelry at Clean Origin

The 1 CT. TW. Luminescent Halo Pendant from Clean Origin is just one offering of diamond jewelry available. It’s simple beauty is sure to win over anyone who receives it.

Clean Origin carry the same types of diamond jewelry you would expect from a diamond retailer, from earrings to pendants, to bracelets. Their use of lab-grown diamonds makes them inherently more affordable than other brands.

Overall, all of their products seem to have a high quality of design, and tend to be designed with an emphasis on clean, minimalist visual choices.

The Clean Origin Ring Designs

Clean Origin have a smaller array of designs than other diamond retailers, but they’re nonetheless impressive. This may be more appealing to customers who prefer not to trawl through the pages and pages of results you will find at Blue Nile and James Allen, and does feel a little more exclusive.

This Braided Halo Ring caught my eye as I perused Clean Origin’s Halo engagement rings. It’s the perfect example of current design trends, taking older, vintage designs and creating thoroughly modern pieces from them. Image credit: Clean Origin

When it comes to engagement rings, Clean Origin offers a useful customization option, where you can start with a setting or a diamond, and then choose other features to match them.

Clean Origin’s Policies

Clean Origin focuses on allowing customers to ‘shop with confidence’. They have several policies that help customers get a good quality service and, ultimately, complete satisfaction. For example:

Free Shipping

Clean Origin offers free shipping. However, international customers are responsible for additional duties, taxes, surcharges, and VAT.

100 Day Return Policy

If you’re unhappy with your purchase or need to return it for any reason, they offer a 100-day return policy. Items can be returned for a full refund or an exchange.

Forever Service Plan

An additional purchase of their ‘Forever Service’ plan grants an extended warranty to look after your jewelry and includes an annual jewelry inspection, repairs, stone tightening, and cleaning, amongst other services.

My Final Thoughts

Clean Origin’s reputation shines brightly, their diamond quality impresses and their jewelry offerings are undeniably beautiful. One notable advantage is the certification of their diamonds by GIA and IGI, a crucial factor in any diamond purchase.

However, it’s important to highlight a notable caveat – the primary shortcoming we’ve identified is the absence of actual images for many of their diamonds. While Clean Origin’s reputation and certification standards are commendable, the inability to view the specific diamond you intend to purchase can be a drawback for customers who value visual transparency in their online shopping experience. This is an aspect where Clean Origin could enhance its services and provide a more complete picture for potential buyers.

If you’re looking for a better lab diamond experience, Whiteflash have recently started selling high quality lab diamonds, I would also highly recommend reading my reviews on James Allen and Brilliant Earth.

If you’ve found this review helpful, why not explore the other reviews I’ve carried out? I’ve analyzed the work of many top diamond retailers that operate on the market today. Head to my retailer reviews section to continue your search for the perfect diamond.

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