Diamond Carat

September 15, 2017

How Much Does a 1 Carat Diamond Cost?

This page contains references to diamonds or engagement rings from different companies. Sometimes I do receive a commission when you click on links and buy the products. There is no quick answer is ‘How much does a one carat diamond cost?’ The question could be ‘How long is a piece of string?’ There are multiple variables affecting the price. However, if you’re really going to push me for a figure then you’re looking in the region of $1k to $12k. As I say, not a narrow window.
August 30, 2022

How Big is a Carat Diamond?

A one-carat diamond is usually around 6.4 to 6.5mm wide, which is the perfect size for the center stone—not too big, not too small. It’s one of the more common sizes of diamond, due to its wide availability and generally lower price point, however, this can be affected by a diamond’s other qualities, namely its cut, color, and clarity. In terms of diamond price and size, the cost isn’t linear. A two-carat diamond isn’t the price of a one-carat diamond, as prices ascend exponentially. Take these two diamonds. The first is a beautiful 1.00 ct D VS1 Round Cut Loose Diamond currently priced at $9,390.