June 24, 2019

Promise Rings: Everything You Need to Know

Jewelry is a highly sentimental purchase and one which is often cherished for a lifetime before being handed down to loved ones. Whether it’s a particularly unique design, an engraved and personal message, or simply the memories attached to the jewelry itself, these extra-special accessories become a part of your story and are the perfect reminder of pivotal moments in your life. A promise ring is a great example of how a piece of jewelry can mark a significant moment. There are no ‘rules’ when it comes to promise rings (or any other jewelry for that matter); instead, this guide […]
March 22, 2019

Getting a Ring Resized – What you need to know!

Resizing a ring is very common in the jewelry world, and in most cases, it is a fairly straight forward process. As always, there are exceptions when it comes to resizing, which I will cover later. If you are wondering whether or not you should get your ring resized, or have questions/concerns regarding the process, I strongly advise reading this article before making your decision. While the overall process is straightforward, you only want your ring to be resized once. Having a ring altered multiple times can compromise the durability of the ring and also effect its appearance.  Follow these […]
February 22, 2019

Wedding Rings vs Engagement Ring: What is the Difference?

Traditions surrounding a wedding and engagement rings will depend on where in the world you are and which tradition you are following. There are significant differences in both style and sentiment when it comes to a wedding ring vs an engagement ring, with each playing a unique part in your commitment to your beloved. Although there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to proposals and weddings, many couples choose to embrace the symbolism and tradition of the rings; a beautiful reminder of your love and commitment to one another. A Brief History The tradition of a wedding ring is thought […]
December 21, 2018

Buying a Designer Engagement Ring Online, Which Designer is Right for Me?

For the savvy buyer, there are huge perks to purchasing an engagement ring online, but the savviest of buyers will understand that buying a designer engagement ring online can be one of the most money-saving and beautiful purchases that you can make; but only if you know where to shop.
November 22, 2018

The Best Engagement Ring Designers

Choosing a designer engagement ring is a great way of finding unique, masterfully executed designs from some of the most experienced designers and jewelry makers in the world. Not all engagement rings are created equal, and reaping the benefits of a designer ring is all about selecting a credible and esteemed designer. We have narrowed the list down to some of the leaders in the world of designer engagement rings, so you can choose a company (and a ring) that is perfect for you. Tacori Tacori is an ever-expanding family business based in California. Founded by Haig and Gilda Tacorian, […]
August 14, 2018

What is the Average Engagement Ring Size?

Whether you are using the three months’ salary ‘rule’ or simply looking for the biggest diamond within your budget, you may have wondered about the average diamond size for an engagement ring. The size of an engagement ring is a deeply personal choice and has many influencing factors; while bigger is not always better, it is important that the diamond is of a size where it can be seen and admired. If you have already started your diamond research, you will know that cut quality has the largest impact on the aesthetics of a diamond. Once you are familiar with […]
April 30, 2018

10 Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Rings for 2018

The rise of rose gold has been impossible to ignore, and this year it shows no sign of slowing down. I am sometimes asked questions like ‘is rose gold real?’ It is a fair question. The stunning hue of rose gold is a thing of beauty, and many people express concerns that the color is ‘painted on’ and will tarnish over time. So, before we look at some of the most beautiful rings, let’s first look at some rose gold facts!
April 30, 2018

When is the Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Every proposal is different. Some are grand affairs that take months of planning, while others are spontaneous moments of romance and love that occur on an idle Sunday afternoon. Whatever your preference, if you are looking to pop the question with a ring in hand, there are some basic tips to follow that will ensure the moment goes as smoothly as possible.
April 27, 2018

The Best Places to Buy Tacori

Tacori are best known for their intricate and ornate jewelry designs, in particular, their impressive selection of bridal jewelry. Based in California, they are big dreamers who harness the beauty of European designs, bygone times and artistic history and weave these crucial elements into wearable, contemporary pieces of jewelry.
March 26, 2018

The Complete Guide to Buying a 3.00ct Diamond

When it comes to buying a diamond for some, three really is the magic number. Although a 1.00ct diamond continues to be the most commonly sought weight for buyers; shoppers who are fortunate enough to extend their budget appreciate the statement of beauty that a 3.00ct diamond offers the wearer. Whether buying for beauty, pleasure, or investment, the golden rules of buying a large stone remain the same. If anything, attention to certification and paperwork should be paramount when looking at larger diamonds, for the larger the stone, the move unforgiving a bad cut or heavy inclusions will appear. I […]