June 22, 2020

The Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds Online

The confidence of online shoppers has risen dramatically over the past decade and this has brought about a new generation of diamond buyer, reaping the benefits of shopping for loose diamonds online. The freedom to shop at your own pace, refine your searches, choose from a huge inventory and enjoy significantly lower prices makes for an altogether more relaxing and cost-effective shopping experience. However, just as every diamond is unique, so too do diamond vendors have their own individual perks. I have refined my choices to the vendors who I believe go beyond ticking the essential boxes, and instead give […]
June 22, 2020

Are Diamonds Rare?

For those who love diamonds, there are several key features that makes them desirable; their inherent durability, the divine sparkle and their intrinsic links to romance, glamour and eternity are the foundations of diamond popularity. The story of the DeBeers marketing campaign that sparked the desire for a diamond engagement ring is now widely known – but does the appeal of diamonds rest upon a shady bedrock of smart advertising? Are diamonds truly rare? How are Diamonds Made? Understanding how natural diamonds are formed is a step towards appreciating what makes diamonds so special. Diamonds are made from carbon – […]
July 8, 2020

Are Lab Grown/Synthetic Diamonds Worth Anything?

Lab grown diamonds (also referred to as synthetic diamonds or laboratory grown diamonds) continue to be a matter of confusion and intrigue for the modern diamond buyer. With questions arising about the value, appearance and ethical claims of lab grown diamonds, buyers must be in possession of all the facts before making their decision. I must state that although I am a diamond expert and enthusiast, my goal is not to sway people towards diamonds. There are many benefits to choosing a natural diamond for your engagement ring, but I have been equally enthralled with sapphire solitaires, ruby necklaces and […]
August 25, 2020

How Are Diamonds Made?

Diamonds exemplify something entirely unique. Aside from their symbolism within cultures across the globe, they also represent a perfect marriage of chemistry, physics, craftsmanship and art. The journey of a diamond from the earth to your finger is an enchanting one and for many buyers and enthusiasts, a little understanding of a diamond’s remarkable creation goes a long way towards understanding their enduring appeal.