December 18, 2019

Are Canadian Diamonds Worth the Extra Money? Why Are Diamonds from Canada so Expensive?

If you have been shopping around for diamonds, you may have come across Canadian diamonds. Often, they are branded as ‘premium’ items and are noticeably pricier than other, similar diamonds. Before paying more for a Canadian diamond, I suggest you read this full guide to Canadian diamonds so that you can decide for yourself if they are worth the extra money.
February 27, 2020

What is Milgrain and How Can it Enhance Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

Over the course of jewelry-making history, trends and styles have come and gone, and designers and bench-workers have retired as many techniques as they have developed. However, the rich history of jewelry, its connection with royalty, status and figures of the past continues to be a large part of the appeal for the modern buyer.
April 20, 2020
ASET Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

Are Super Ideal Cut Diamonds Worth it?

The Four C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat) are a straightforward tick list for diamond buyers. With simple grading systems and visual aids, leading gem labs GIA and AGS have ensured that every buyer stands a chance of finding a quality diamond within their budget. The internet has offered further opportunity for buyers to educate themselves, however conflicting information can confuse inexperienced buyers and lead to overspending on low quality diamonds. That is where I come in. The clued up among you will already know that when it comes to diamond quality, cut is king. Even diamonds with superior color […]
May 20, 2020

Fake Diamonds: What to Avoid When Shopping for a Diamond Online

In my years of experience helping customers successfully buy diamonds online, one of the questions I am most commonly asked is ‘how will I know if it’s a fake?’. The fear of purchasing a fake diamond is nothing new, but the rise of online shopping has brought with it new waves of concern for first time buyers. Buying a diamond online ensures the best prices, best selection and some of the most beautiful diamonds. This guide will give you the confidence to shop online, avoid fakes and get the best, genuine diamond within your budget. Types of Fake Diamond ‘Fake […]